Sarah Hamilton and our Espresso D'ORO Opera Cake

Traffic in Austin at 4AM is light. The drive from all directions is something from 1980's era Austin where miles equal minutes.  

Sarah Hamilton is the first in and her own espresso is poured plenty; one for her and sixteen shots for Mozart's Espresso D'ORO Opera Cake production.  

Sarah's time at Johnson & Wales helps ensure that the perfect paring of small batch, artisan roasted Espresso D'ORO and bittersweet chocolate come together in six delicate layers of cake, butter cream, ganache and chocolate glaze.  Each painstakingly laid out layer upon layer, paying homage to it's Parisian gateaux roots. The three ultra-thin layers of french almond cake are soaked in Mozart's Espresso D'ORO syrup, then interspersed with a layer of Espresso D'ORO buttercream, a layer of bittersweet dark chocolate ganache, then finally, a very tricky pour over chocolate glaze.  By this time ... the sun is up, the traffic is backed up on Mopac, and the staff in the Bakery are welcoming the morning Cafe crew.

Get more out of life with coffee...and cake!


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