Private Events

at Mozart's Coffee Roasters
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Step into a world where the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee mingles with the ambiance of sophistication. Our private event spaces at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters are a haven for those seeking a unique and memorable venue. Nestled within the heart of our renowned coffee haven, this exclusive space offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings, corporate events, or celebrations.. Elevate your event experience with our gourmet coffee bar and expertly crafted catering options. Unleash the power of connection in a setting that blends both the spirit of community with the allure of exceptional coffee. 

Our Spaces
The Loft

- Semi-private space with lake view 

- Stage and piano available*
- Seats 45 people, fits more with other configurations

- ADD ON: Upper Grotto for additional 50 seats and capacity

The Floating Deck

- Outdoor seating on the water 

- Seats up to 36 people 

The Lower Grotto

- Covered outdoor picnic table seating with lake view 

- Seats 40-50 people 

The Overlook

- Best Lake Austin views

- Semi-covered outdoor picnic table seating 

- Seats up to 40 people 

Entire Lower Deck with Grotto

- Includes Floating Deck 

- Outdoor picnic table seating (uncovered) 

- Seats between 125-150 people

Entire Upper Deck

- Performance stage 

- Semi-covered outdoor seating 

- Fits up to 250 people

Full Facility and Custom Combinations

OUR Food

Delight in a feast for the senses with our diverse catering options. Indulge in buttery croissants, savory breakfast tacos, and elegant quiches. Refresh with fresh fruit or savor creamy yogurt parfaits. Top it off with expertly brewed coffee for the perfect blend of flavors 

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Paddle Board Beach Buyout

  • ADD ON: Tour of Lake Austin on paddle boards 
  • ADD ON: Cooler Rentals with Beverages
  • Up to 50 individuals 

Movie Night

  • Feature a movie night or film festival at Mozart’s 
  • Includes a special movie concession menu  

Experiences At Mozart's

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Roasting Experience

  • Learn the basics of artisan roasting
  • Produce your own bespoke blend

Add Ons

  • Entertainment Booking and Sound Set Up
  • Custom Coffee Blends 
  • Gift Bags (1/2lb Coffee Blend, Decorated Cookie, & Mug)  
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