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Coffee & Tea

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Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry


Light Medium RoastGrapefruit, Herbal, SyrupySmall Family Farm Co-Op

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona


Light Medium RoastCreamy Milk Chocolate Body, pleasing citrus finish 

Organic Ethiopian Natural Guji Shakiso


Light RoastNatural ProcessDistinct African Indigenous HeirloomFloral Bouquet, Fruity Sweetness

Nicaragua Natural Direct Trade


Light Medium RoastMilk Chocolate BodyHints of Tangerine and ApricotsDirect Trade Partnership with El Talisman

Sumatra Kernici Dark Roast


Vienna RoastDry Hulled KerniciHoney Processed Sweet MolassesPipe Tobacco

Ethiopian Yirgacheff


Light RoastedExquisite quality gold standard washed AfricanAromatic with notes of chocolate, fruit and spice.

Mozart's Best Colombian Chocolate Brownie


Universally accepted as ATX's best brownie for 30 years, our Best Chocolate Colombian Brownie marries Colombian cocoa beans together with the very best estate-grown, small-batch high altitude Colombian coffee available.  The chocolatiers buy this mocha blend for its richness.  This is a double "Best of the Best" First Place Dessert & Coffee winning flavor.

French Mexican Vanilla Bean


Our Mexican imported vanilla beans have topped our best desserts in ATX for 30 years.  This luscious vanilla is infused in our classic deep French Roast for the perfect cup that will transport you to Veracruz where the best vanilla has been harvested for 300 years.   This is a double "Best of the Best" First Place Dessert & Coffee winning flavor.

Texas Honey Heritage Campfire Pecan


Roasted now for 3 decades, this Texas legendary coffee, from ATX first and best in-house roaster captures our own San Saba pecans with a hint of snickerdoodle sweetness.  The smooth, silky Texas flavor will have you banging your canteen for a second cup.  This is a double "Best of the Best" First Place Dessert & Coffee winning flavor.

SXSW Blend


Citrus and Cocoa flavors, smooth and sweet light medium roast

Brasil Natural


Mantiqueira de MinasLight Medium RoastedButtery Sweet South AmericanLayers of caramelSweet body, clean finish

Sumatra Kerinci - Medium Roast


Medium RoastUnique specialty Sumatran coffee, full spectrum of vivid Indonesian flavors, cocoa bark, tobacco, and spiced rum flavors abound. 

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