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Coffee & Tea

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Year Of The Ox Coffee Blend & Tea Year Of The Ox Coffee Blend & Tea

Year Of The Ox Coffee Blend & Tea


Please enjoy our Year Of The Ox Blend Coffee & Tea. Our Coffee is available in 1 lb. and 1/2 lb. sizes and our Tea available in 4 oz. & 8 oz. sizes. Pick yours up in store or order online. Already in store? Our Golden Raspberry Prosperity Cups are a great addition to your gift for $7.95! 拜年 New Years...

Amanda Deer Exclusive Dark Chocolate Truffle Blend Amanda Deer Exclusive Dark Chocolate Truffle Blend

Amanda Deer Exclusive Dark Chocolate Truffle Blend


Chocolate lovers will be overjoyed to sip our Dark Chocolate Truffle Valentine's Blend, co-created with Amanda Deer Jewelry. This medium-dark roast will bring delicious notes of hazelnut, artisan dark chocolate, and a kick of cacao. Forget a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. A bag of the Dark Chocolate Truffle Valentine's Blend is the perfect gift!  

Costa Rica Black Honey


La Familia Monge, vibrant and fruity light roasted Central American great for pour-over, single-origin espresso, and cold brew

Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry


Light Medium RoastGrapefruit, Herbal, SyrupySmall Family Farm Co-Op

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona


Light Medium RoastCreamy Milk Chocolate Body, pleasing citrus finish 

Mocca Java Blend


Mocca Java SupremeUnique High End Selections from Yemen, Ethiopia and IndonesiaMedium RoastedBest of Class Specialty BlendCoffee Lovers Nirvana

Guatemala HueHuetenango


Light Medium RoastDeep Full BodyCreamy Chocolate, Lemon, Lime, Caramel

Organic Ethiopian Natural Guji Shakiso


Light RoastNatural ProcessDistinct African Indigenous HeirloomFloral Bouquet, Fruity Sweetness

Nicaragua Natural Direct Trade


Light Medium RoastMilk Chocolate BodyHints of Tangerine and ApricotsDirect Trade Partnership with El Talisman

Colombia Narino El Mirador


Anerobic Honey ProcessedLight Medium RoastUniquely Satisfying

Sumatra Kernici Dark Roast


Vienna RoastDry Hulled KerniciHoney Processed Sweet MolassesPipe Tobacco

Ethiopian Yirgacheff


Light RoastedExquisite quality gold standard washed AfricanAromatic with notes of chocolate, fruit and spice.

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