Late at the Lake

What is Late at the Lake?

Poets, musicians, & singers gather for one night at Austin's most beautiful outdoor venue. Every Tuesday night beginning April 16th. 

Late at the Lake is Austin's weekday beacon for professional local & touring musicians down to avid enthusiasts with a song or word to share.

Anywhere from 35-40 of Austin's finest singer-songwriters, poets, and professional musicians make their way to our deck to mutually encourage and inspire one another - and the rest of us!

L@L hosted by Dan Cohen. 

Open Mic Rules:

1. Sign ups open at 7:30pm and close at 8:00 pm. There are different sign up sheets depending on your act (original songs, cover songs, and poetry). If you are debuting an original song, you will get a special "debut" card that guarantees your performance that night! 

2. The show officially starts at 8 pm and closes at 11 pm, no matter where we are in the sign-ups.

3. One song per musician, 4-5 minutes for every other kind of performance. A light will be flashed gently when you are nearing your time limit. 

4. Participants must be 16 and older.

5. When in doubt, don't assume the hosts have what you need for your performance.


    Q: Can I borrow a guitar?
    A: Not unless you get lucky with a friend who is also there. Do not assume there is a communal guitar. Bring your own guitars, and if you are picky about your microphone, bring that also.

    Q: Can my 5-piece-band play a song?
    A: Performances are limited to trios.

    Q: Is there a drum set?
    A: Not as of April 2022. Bring your own handheld percussion. Cajons are perfect.


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