Who invented the viral "Cocoa Bombs", and how can I get them in Austin, Texas?

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs in Austin Texas

In early December of 2019 Boise State University student Eric Torres Garcia posted a short video on the still-new social media platform Tik Tok. The video is simple enough but the concept has become such a staple of the holidays that most of you already know what I'm about to describe. 

For those of you who don't already know, the video shows someone pulling a circular object from an aluminum wrapping, placing it in a mug, and just as Mariah launches into the chorus of her infamous Christmas song, hot milk melts the chocolate to reveal a cute bundle of marshmallows.  

Thus, the first ever "Cocoa Bomb" was born. 

It's hard to say how many views that original video would have by now because the entrepreneurial-minded student took the video down as soon as he recognized it had "going viral" so that he could quickly set up an online store to accept orders. The process didn't take long and he re-posted the video again, only marking the product as "out-of-stock" once he'd hit ~1,000 sales around 11 pm that night. That video now shows 2.5 million views, impressive even without the original views included. 

Those 1,000 sales had made him $6,000 in a night, but he didn't have 1,000 Cocoa Bombs. After all, he'd only invented the product hours before with $15 worth of grocery store ingredients. 

This presented a dilemma, but Eric acted quickly. Sitting in his professor's office the next day, he toggled the product back to "in-stock" and together they watched orders flood in in real time. They worked quickly to create a strategy for turning Eric's Tik Tok phenomenon into a legitimate and viable chocolatier business which still operates today.  An interview he did with his own university shares more of the full story  

Where can you get handmade Cocoa Bombs in Austin?



Mozart's Coffee loves stories like this, not to mention delicious and adorable holiday treats. While this trend was sweeping the internet, Mozart's Coffee was developing cocoa bombs of their own, filled with blossoming handmade marshmallows, drizzled with decorative chocolate, sprinkled with candy hearts, and more. 

These Mozart's "Cocoa Bombs Blossoms" quickly became a local Austin favorite and the trend has become a holiday staple. Not only can locals purchase these as handmade Christmas gifts, but our Cocoa Bombs stick around for Valentine's too.

Mozart's Cupid Cocoa Bombs 

We have a special place in our heart for these little holiday treats, so each year for Valentine's Day we put together a small collection of handmade gifts like these which can be ordered for local delivery to a customer's Valentine. (Or if you prefer, these are available for local-pickup as well.)

Here's are some of the handmade chocolate Valentine's gifts you can get locally delivered in Austin Texas this year:

This isn't the complete list! Make sure to visit our Valentine's Day Collection for all the Valentine's Day gift products available for local delivery in Austin. 


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