Mozart's Health Update for COVID-19

January 11, 2021 - As a clause within Governor Abbott's October 7th, 2020 proclamation (GA-32) when hospitalization rates in a particular county in the State of Texas are greater than 15%+ of capacity (as represented by the admitted % of COVID patients to total patients) for any 7-day consecutive period, it will trigger a "reset" of permissible occupancy of essential businesses.  The effect of this provision is mandatory "interior" seating capacity reductions for Cafes, Restaurants, and essential businesses from 75% to 50%.  It also "re-defined" essential businesses with the closure of all bars until as such time as the threshold is no longer exceeded.  

From CBS, KEYE Austin: "This then triggers new restrictions under Governor Abbott's previous executive order issued on October 7th, including the closing of bars, reducing capacity at other businesses like restaurants, and requiring hospitals to stop all elective surgeries."
Travis County has met that threshold as of yesterday (Jan 10).   To ensure our customers are clear with the actions we have taken, we've provided the outline below for how Mozart's remains committed to compliance with these provisions for however long they are in place.
For Mozart's patrons and employees: 
  • There is no impact for outside seating arrangements - Mozart's tables remain properly physically distanced and all tables hold no more than 8 persons;
  • Our Interior seating must be at no more than 50% of our capacity.  (Mozart's interior seating available is now only at 25% and as such compliant with this requirement to be at or below 50%);
  • No groups of 10 or more are allowed in any gathering at any facility, of any kind - which Mozart's strictly enforces.  

You can read more about the steps we've been taking here.

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