Mozart’s Shares Great Hacks for the Holidays

(ATX) There are always lines during the Holiday Season and knowing just how to avoid them requires knowing the hacks that work.

Mozart’s Bakery & Cafe is famous for its lines (second maybe to Franklin’s BBQ). If this season you want to enjoy your latte on the lake for a little bit longer, you’d be better off dodging those lines. We asked manager, Ben, what he would suggest as an inside scoop to avoid the lines at the Light Show this season.

“Pre-order your food for the Light Show,” he told us, “The only way you can be at the table with your family and friends and not in a line getting concessions for the show is to pre-order your food and really max out your time enjoying the show.”

It’s never too late to upgrade your tickets and pre-order your food for the Light Show! Email to add food from our holiday menu to your existing table ticket order and give yourself the celebration you deserve with the people you love, instead of the people in front of you in line.

Of course, we all know online shopping means less driving in Austin’s famous crazy traffic and even crazier parking. But Mozart's, being large and reliably accessible, has a variety of holiday gifts and specialty coffee blends available for pick up at their beautiful Taste of Austin gift shop (across from the cafe - right below the dazzling light show display!). Check out their holiday hours online.

Now you know...

-Eileen Keller

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