COVID Changing Dynamics: Protocols Instituted at Mozart's Light Show

Mozart's has - for almost 2 full years now - provided consistently updated positions on the state of our preparedness and protocols for dealing with the coronavirus implications to our management of employee welfare and customer experience and safety.  

Mozart's Cafe instituted - as the City of Austin moved to our now in place reduced COVID risk thresholds in the last 60 days - a policy for our staff where mask wearing was an individual choice, and not a mandate.  

At Mozart's, for our patrons to the Cafe, mask wearing was also deemed to be an individual choice.  For any of those who requested or need one - we would provide disposables should they desire - or more fortified (SportsFlex three filter) masks for purchase.

Our policies for our Cafe and Retail business - remain intact and the same. 

For the 2021 Light Show - for the remaining 10 days of the Light Show, we are making a proactive change. 

We recognize changing local dynamics carry with it the responsibility on our part to be responsive with the unique way we operate the Light Show.  The Light Show is a wholly independent environment from our Cafe - and we anticipated that these conditions could return at any point.  We planned for this by intentionally *preserving* many of the wise arrangements put in place for the "2020 COVID Cautious Christmas Light Show" we hosted last year.  Most notably, appropriately distanced pre-reserved tables.  Private tables to be enjoyed by guests of their choice without the interaction of others. 

All our Light Show team members are now masking when in the vicinity of any patrons.  This is for joint employee and customer safety and protection.  We are NOT requiring any patrons to wear masks.  We have our private reserved areas available - and while that availability has capacity limitations in line with a number of tables properly distanced (as a holdover from last year's precautions) we are conscientiously willing to waitlist and "move" general admission customers into the reserved "private table" sections as availability arises.  Our GA attendance is limited by our application - and supports a comfortable - non "side-by-side" arrangement of customers with areas to move, flow and separate.

Our line flow into the light show is being encouraged to give folks room in between each other - and return to past reasonable social distance guidelines.  Our staff will positively and proactively encourage this of all attending customers.  

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