COVID-19 UPDATE: July 2, 2020

July 2, 2020 - At 5:30PM Central Time today, Governor Abbott has issued a Texas statewide order making "masking" mandatory in the State of Texas .  This applies to all citizens over the age of 10 in counties where there are more than 20 COVID cases (ie - wearing a mask in all business transactions with essential businesses and all occasions where there is not the ability to fully social distance). 

Mozart's is, has been, and will remain a Mask Mandatory facility for transacting business.  Since March 16th, at the beginning of the national, state and local shutdowns - Mozart's initiated our mask guidelines following the advice of the CDC.  Our policies are of course fully compliant with Governor Abbott's now made mandatory facial covering order.  This statewide requirement is now operating in parallel with orders already issued by Travis County and the City of Austin(where Mozart's is located) subjecting our business to fines for not enforcing those mask requirements on our patrons and employees within our interior facility.  Governor Abbott's new statewide mask order makes an initial infraction (ie - not wearing a mask in public places and essential businesses) subject to a warning issued by local law enforcement.  A second infraction can result in a $250 fine.  

As a health and safety convenience for our customers and the ATX community, Mozart's offers disposable masks upon entry points into our facility for those who find themselves without a mask.  More than 15,000 combined Businesses, First Responders, Restaurants, Health Care Facilities, and a range of individuals in Austin, throughout greater Texas, and across the US have made a choice to fulfill their masks needs through our direct, next day shipping online business offering: Designer Masks, Sport & Active Wear Masks, NurseMade & Approved Masks, Reusable Masks and Bulk Disposable Mask.

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