Come and Take It, we Baked It!

March is off to a Texas Sized start with two unique days worth celebrating! You can always count on us here at Mozart's to put the treats behind the reason for celebrating. Aside from our Texas-sized location, we are highlighting our Texas-sized treats this week as we celebrate our great state of Texas for Independence Day and Super Tuesday.

March 2nd, 1836 marks the celebration of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence! Not only does it mark freedom for this amazing state we call home, but it's also Texas Flag Day and Sam Houston's Birthday.

Did you know that only one of the original five copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence remains? And guess where... right here in ATX!

Another fun fact that you may not know: Texas is the only state in the Union that entered by treaty. There's your history lesson for the day.

We come off the high of celebrating the great state of Texas by entering into another unique, regional holiday — Super Tuesday! "It is the single day where most states hold contests to pick a presidential nominee, the most voters have a chance to go to the polls, and the most delegates will be allotted to candidates. More than a third of all delegates for Democratic National Convention are up for grabs tomorrow" according to the Washington Post.

Be sure to swing by Mozart's for a Texas-shaped cookie, Red or Blue, to celebrate your vote! Our Texas-sized treats will be available all day as well.

We are proud to call this amazing state and even more amazing city home for 26 years now. What an honor it is to be the first in-house roaster in the city of Austin!

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