1/2 Way There After 10 Weeks

On Monday May 18th at 2PM, Governor Abbott initiated Phase II protocols for the phased in re-opening of the Texas economy.  
You can see the full transcript of the Governor's update here.


Relevant to our team here at Mozart's, the Governor shared: "... restaurants may expand their occupancy to 50% beginning May 22 ... these occupancy limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain safe distancing among parties."
On Friday, Mozart's will double its current 25% outside seating to 50%.  While the decree exempts outside seating, we at Mozart's believe this is prudent to maintain "safe" distancing as intended by our Governor and experts.  We hope you enjoy that and our beautiful decks. 

The Governor also clearly stated that " ...ask all Texans to continue heeding the guidance of our state and federal medical experts and do their part to protect public health."  Part of that is Mozart's maintaining and joining market-leading companies such as American Airlines, Costco, and Target to adhering to safe and health requirements for their staff and patrons transacting business. 

Our store requires face masks to make a purchase but in the open air of our decks, and with our tables properly spaced, you may enjoy the environment with or without as you choose.  

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