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Coffee & Tea

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Direct Trade Nicaragua Dark Roast


Vienna RoastSmooth and SweetDirect Trade through El Talisman Coffee

Mozart's Decaf Blend


French roastFlavorful decaf with a full body and pleasant finishCentral and South American, IndonesianMC and water process decaffeinated coffee beans

Espresso D'Oro, Espresso Roast


Golden espresso since 1999 with acaramel chocolate body and citrus fruit acidityBrasil pulped natural, African and Indonesian

Vecchi Amici, Dark Roast


Deep, dark Italian roastSmoky and silky, intense yet still smoothCentral and South American, Indonesian and African

El Gato Negro, Dark Roast


French roastBold, deep, full-bodied dark roastCentral and South American, Indonesian

Lake Austin Blend, Light Roast


Roasted light-mediumSweet, creamy body and gentle, floral acidityCentral and South American, African

Mozart's Blend, Medium Roast


Medium roastRich, smooth, classic blendMild acidity and a full bodyindonesian, South and Central American

Best Mom Ever Vanilla Biscotti Blend Best Mom Ever Vanilla Biscotti Blend

Best Mom Ever Vanilla Biscotti Blend


You really do have the best mom ever! Show her some love this Mother's Day with our Best Mom Ever Vanilla Biscotti Blend. The perfect blend to celebrate mom this Mother's Day and year-round! 

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