Your Office Away From The Office (with Free Wifi!)

For over 26 years, Mozart's has been a place to escape for the beautiful people of Austin and those traveling near and far. A zen location to breathe in the fresh lakeside air, a relaxing step outside from the hectic office, and inspirational abode to develop creative ideas — a place to get away. Not only do we pride ourselves in being a lakeside getaway, but we also pride ourselves in being your office away from the office with free wifi, bottomless coffee, and more. There are many reasons why, for so many years, people like you come back time and time again to get work done, drink coffee all day, and enjoy the views that Austin has to offer.

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As of recently, many companies have implemented precautionary measures aimed at ensuring safeguarding of their employees health and safety.  One decision made by many leading technology companies has been to adopt either reduced voluntary (or in some cases compulsory) work hours attendance away from their corporate facilities, offices and campuses in favor of encouraging employees to work from home ... or elsewhere. These companies include: Twitter, Amazon, Indeed, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more. Maybe this relates to you?  We welcome you to work here!  Mozart's was the "original" work-away-from-home destination for Austin's tech community.  We began that journey back in 1993 and have fostered an amazing enduring environment for startups, telecommuters, venture capitalists, contractors and those working the gig economy advancing their careers alongside Lake Austin.  Our facilities are designed to offer ample open air space available to those who need to work away from the office in an efficient, comfortable and always accessible environment.  You can spread out from 7AM all the way to midnight.  With our expansive seating and multiple areas - the concerns of people in confined spaces are set aside with literally acres of space to spread out.  Here are few reasons why our customers choose to do their work routines here at Mozarts:

Plenty of Space

Our cafe seats over 1,000 people! As long as the rain holds of, you can almost always find a seat at one of the hundreds of picnic tables we have spread out all over our enormous deck.

Plus, there's plenty of space to spread out! You won't have to worry about being too close to anyone.

Fresh Air

With sitting outside on a beautiful day comes the intake of fresh air. Did you know that residing by a freshwater lake can increase your white blood cell count?

According to Lake Living Guide, " There is more natural plantation around bodies of water such as lakes which can have a calming effect on you. Furthermore, there are specific plants close to bodies of water that give off a substance known as phytoncides, inhaling which leads to a boost in your white blood cell count that will fight off infections and keep illnesses at bay. Living close to bodies of freshwater, therefore, serves as a natural immunity booster."

Freshwater lakes also provide a better quality of air, increase sleep quality, and strengthens your immune system.

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Bottomless Drinks

Planning to stay a while? Great! We offer endless amounts of fresh, in-house, hot-brewed coffee, cold brew, and iced tea. These three drinks are served bottomless at Mozart's Coffee Roasters — meaning you can drink as much as you want — for no additional charge.

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Free WiFi

With a large location comes large wifi. Our wifi spans all across the deck so you are guaranteed a great connection, no matter where you choose to sit. We have many different connections to jump on. If you've made it this far, the wifi password is: mozartsnet.

You're welcome.

Outlets for Days

Even outside, we have outlets all over our patio. Running out of battery? Keep your laptop wired and your body wired too, while you're at it!

Hint: look in the trees. You may even find an outlet or two there as well ;)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

We've got you covered for every meal of the day! Our cafe opens at 7AM and fresh out of the bakery are warm, homemade tacos, quiches, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

We serve hand-stuffed empanadas as well as lunch sandwiches, yogurt bowls, and fruit bowls.

On top of our savory items, our bake case is always stocked with premium desserts baked in-house on a daily basis!

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Friendly Faces

Our patio is full of friendly faces all working towards similar things. Use this as a networking opportunity! Maybe you will meet your new best friend.

Our staff is always willing to lend a helping hand. We keep everything in top notch condition so you are guaranteed the most clean environment.

Remember to wash your hands and stay safe out there. We'd love to see you work at your office away from the office.


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