Where the Golden Ticket sends Austin’s Charlies & Grandpa Joes?

Where the Golden Ticket sends Austin’s Charlies & Grandpa Joes?

(Mozart's Light Show is the Golden Ticket!)

Charlie chose only one out of his four grandparents for the adventure of The Chocolate Factory, they were ALL excited for what lay ahead for them. In the real world, Willie Wonka isn't around to magically provide distant generations mutually assured entertainment and holiday delight.

It’s that time of year with relatives making the holiday trek to Austin!

  • We have ourt beloved 84 year old great-aunt, known for being picky for comfort and in town for just a short while. 
  • Her niece, who is playing host alongside her spouse of 46 years, feels pressured to make the most of everyone’s visit.
  • Their eldest son (who’s 38 years old) and his family of 4 reliably comes around every year – Which includes two small children (a spunky pair including a first grader and a now 18 month old active baby.) 
In every family, every year presents the same problem across generations: they simply want to spend quality time together for the holidays. 

Someone is tasked, to find these four generations something they can ALL enjoy to mark the holiday season for the better.

Solution: Mozart’s 2022 Light Show.

So much more interactive than a stuffy car ride, and the perfect warmup to the Christmas Eve matching pajama party, it is a fantastic family fiesta of fun!

  • Auntie is content in her especially reserved seat underneath 2 million lights and thoroughly entertained by the peppy dancers, the music and the sumptuous holiday delights for the early 6 o’clock show, still in time for her nightcap before bed.
  • Grandparents find the dance floor before their table is served and get to cut the rug for 30 minutes for pure nostalgic delight!  
  • Their son and his wife share deluxe dark chocolate cocoa bombs and cookies with their two entranced children, who inevitably tug them to join the grandparents on the Lit Up! LED Dance Floor again after their hour show is over.
Problem solved.
Coincidentally, for both our hypothetical family and Grandpa Joe, chocolate has been involved! 

In the real world, research has proven that dancing can actually help cure the Holiday Blues.

Per Science Direct: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1744388121001663

Results showed that dancing interventions (including Salsa, Ngoma, Tango, ballroom dances and circle group dancing) are effective in reducing depression symptoms, stress, and anxiety.

Bring the whole gang to Mozart's 2022 Light Show 
and dance with us!

Now you know...

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