What's Taylor Swift doing at Mozart's?

Fun fact - Taylor Swift has in fact been spotted at Mozart's.

In 2013, her and her entourage stopped by close to the last 10 minutes of
operating hours (yes, it was late.) But she treated the place so royally that we would have stayed open for much longer!

Taylor Swift

What's Taylor Swift doing at Mozart's?

One of the elements we're most excited for this year is the touch sensitive LED dance floor on a short break from use by Taylor Swift - until her tour kicks back up next year!

Here's a little backstory about our new dance floor:

Mozart's worked with Matrix Systems in Los Angeles on its inaugural Light UP LED touch sensitive dance floor in 2022.

It turns out, Matrix designs and supports Taylor Swift in her 2023 Eras live stage concerts with a fully integrated dance floor system.

With the tour on hiatus during the launch of the movie - our good friends and partners at Matrix in Los Angeles made Taylor Swift's Dance floor available to us.

The dance floor will go back into Taylor Swifts touring in 2024 in the spring when the next leg of the tour launches.

In the meantime, come by Mozart's light show from November 9 to January 6th to interact with it FREE for all Mozart's Light Show customers.

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