What do Pies, Hand-Sanitizer, and Guinness have in common?

It's March Madness at Mozart's! Between Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, SXSW no-more, Spring Break, and the coronavirus — you may be torn between staying home and avoiding any and all interactions, or deciding to live it up during these interesting times. Either way, Mozart's is here to support you in your decision! There are ways to celebrate with us, sanitize with us, and even get Mozart's delivered to your home. Read more to find out how!

Pi Day

How do you celebrate Pi Day, might you ask? With pies, of course! Starting March 13 - March 15, stop by Mozart's for 2 for $10 Pies! All weekend long. We offer Pecan Pies, Coconut Creme Pies, and our new, delicious Stonewall Peach Pie. Just mention Pi Day Deals at the register to receive this Pi-licious deals.

St. Patrick's Day

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes baked with Guinness? A true Irish Buttercream Dream! We've got all things St. Patty's day on deck, starting on March 13th. Check out the bake case line up:

Chocolate Guinness Cupcake topped with Irish Cream Buttercream Icing

Mint Fudge Cake

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries drizzled with Green (available by the half dozen, too!)

Assorted Iced Shortbread Cookies available in Pots of Gold, Beer Mugs, Shamrocks, and the State of Texas

Not interested in leaving the house, but want to still celebrate the day? Order online with us at Uber Eats for dessert delivery within the hour! Snag a coffee or an Irish Creme Latte while you're at it!

On top of these lovely desserts, we will also be offering a special blend of Chia Spiced Coffee starting ON St. Patrick's Day — available all day, in-store only. Limited Edition.

Sanitizing Stations

As of today, we have implemented even more hand-sanitizing stations around our location to ensure you have plenty of ways to keep your hands clean! Our friends at EcoLab delivered an abundance of Advanced Sanitizing Gel to help us stay safe and clean while enjoying coffee and desserts by the lake.

Family Friendly Environment

Our place is open 7 days a week, from 7am to midnight to anyone and everyone, including pets. Our location is great to bring the whole family!

Picnic style dining, lakeside location, huge fish and cute turtles to admire, food and drinks for everyone, and fresh air. We love hosting people of all ages.

Stuck Inside?

Don't worry! We have many ways that you can get Mozart's Coffee to your door. Check out our online store to order our freshly roasted coffee beans. Our SXSW is still available online!

As mentioned above, you can also check us out for immediate food/coffee delivery via Uber Eats! All of our specials are available through this portal as well.

Want to treat your friends/families/co-workers? We cater! Give us a call today at (512) 477-2900 or email stacey@mozartscoffee.com.

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