R.I.P Black N Brew

On March 16th - things looked bleak, unclear and the outlook for Mozart's completely uncertain. Black N Brew was born 1 week later ... and among other things it allowed us to pay our rent, not lay off any employees, feed the community, support first responders and add a dozen jobs between two local Austin/Central Texas businesses.  

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Black N Brew has been everything we dreamed and more. A drive thru pop-up parking lot bbq stand at a coffee shop? Sounds wild — but it was a hit. 

This weekend will be the last weekend to pick up your BBQ and Cold Brew too at the Black N Brew Drive Thru only at Mozart’s on Lake Austin Blvd.
Let’s go out with a bang (and some lip smacking BBQ & Bakery)! Stop by to pick-up, drive thru, or pre-order online. 

Of course, Mozart's remains open with our beautiful decks, Market and iconic Bakery and Roastery.  We're grateful and blessed for the work we did together with our friends at Blacks to support this one ATX community.   Long live Black N Brew's 2020 memory!

Some amazing stats below:

- 54 days long (Ending Sunday May 17th)

- More than 3,500 lbs of world-class brisket

- Almost 5,000 rings of world-class sausage served

- More than 250 lbs of moist delicious baby-backs served

- Almost 500 world-class roasted 1/2 chickens served

- More than 440 growlers of cold brew

- More than 2,500 Bavarian pretzels

- More than 1,000 Family Style desserts of Peach Cobbler, Pecan Butter Cake and Texas Sheet Cake

- More than 2,000 paid hours of labor employed

- More than 2,200 first responders fed

- More than 600 challenged Austinites cars fed on Good Friday

God bless Black N Brew.  
RIP 3/23/20 - 5/17/20

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