Mozart's Recognizes 2021 Light Show Musical MVP

Mckenna Michels (Instagram: @mckennamichelsmusic ) was unanimously voted "Mozart’s 2021 Holiday Light Show’s Musical MVP" by staff and management, holding down 18 out of the 56 nights with powerhouse vocals and dazzling showmanship.

Michels, who has spent the last several months in high-gear flying between Austin and Los Angeles, has been in production mode for a new project to follow her recent EP release, “Renaissance.” Even while juggling the tiring travel schedule, (and sometimes meeting bitter cold upon arrival at Mozart's), Mckenna consistently arrived well ahead of a respectable curtain-call to personally manage the set-up of the sound system and the Steinway piano shell each night without fail, rain or shine.

One night in particular hailed her as “the real hero” when drizzle and winds prevented the piano from being played at all.

With the pending threat of awkward silence from piano-less piano interludes, Mckenna didn’t miss a beat and kept spirits high by riffing and interacting entirely a cappella for each crowd, coming by the hour in sweeps of hundreds. She even successfully led a small congregation of children in sing-a-long.

Those in attendance were left star-struck at the proficiency and fearlessness this young 22-year-old demonstrated during what could have been a dead-end situation for even the most veteran musician and a source of stress for the light show staff.

By the time the holiday season was nearing completion, the sentiment of appreciation for her presence was evident in the staff who were often heard wondering aloud, “Is Mckenna coming back yet?”

To thank her for the professionalism she demonstrated on and off-stage, Mozart’s gifted her with a cash award reflective of the overall success from the light show’s twelfth iteration.
Upon recognition, Mckenna had this to say:
"I'm beyond grateful to the Mozart's team for selecting me as Light Show Performer of the year. Mozart's has been such an important piece of my musical career from the very beginning. From being my first ever live show in May 2019 to now performing at the light show, it's provided me a safe place to grow professionally over the years. Mozart's is the most magical venue in Austin and has the most amazing people supporting it, I feel so fortunate to be apart of it in an impactful way."
It is worth mentioning that each of this year’s pianists - Chloe Youtsey, Nik Parr, Morris Nelms, Grant Cowan, Dan Peters, Esteban Alvarez, and Luke Lazano - deserve our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for their musical contributions to the shows!
We look forward to next year’s holiday light show - number thirteen for the books - and to the compounding successes another lap around the sun will certainly bring for Mckenna.

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