Mozart's Offers CDC Compliant Safe Distancing At 13 Feet

The CDC recently announced some new revelations about the Corona virus and its ability to spread from person to person. Previous reports suggested that a 6 foot distance was sufficient for avoiding infection, however, the newest reports have increased this distance to 13 feet.

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Here at Mozart's we've been paying close attention to the CDC's guidelines from the start.

In this letter, first published on March 23rd and updated April 13th, you'll see that we're updating our facility to accommodate 13 foot distance recommendations. As always, we're doing our best to promote the safest precautions recommended by the CDC. Read what we shared in our letter below:

Mozart’s is not in a position to further define what you, our customers, believe to be “essential” in terms of completing your tasks (getting food – take out or otherwise).  We have implemented all our common areas’ outside seating at 13 feet apart, in compliance with the CDC’s most recent recommendations.  We are NOT encouraging socializing or congregating beyond patrons buying their goods, enjoying them how they wish – and getting about their business. (And in this case, complying with the intent of Mayor Adler’s request to then “Shelter in Place”.)  In the process of offering our food and beverage items for Delivery, Pickup, Carryout, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and Contact-less receipt where possible and practical – we are not going to trivialize the Mayor’s request of the citizens of Austin and we will encourage you to consume your items – then be on your way.

We are in a situation in the City of Austin where we are placing our faith and confidence in our leaders and we ask that you respect our decision to do so and we encourage you to do so as well.  We are one community and we are committed to helping our neighbors, our employees, and our patrons weather this challenge as best as possible – and as safely as possible.  We will remain open so long as we remain fully compliant with the City of Austin mandates and orders.  Should Mayor Adler’s order – again expected to be posted tomorrow – be different than what we have been informed here, we will update this post and our obligations operating-wise, accordingly.  

Thank you.  We wish the very best for you during these times,
-Mozart’s Coffee Roasters & Bakery 

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