Mozart's Mornings

To the first gentleman in the door everyday (before we even actually open) that orders a Blueberry Bran Muffin Toasted with two butters warmed up. The sweet woman that brings her own thermal for coffee. To the couple that not only brings their own thermal mug, but orders two Skim Lattes to be poured into them. To the group of men that order the same bagels every time, some even double-toasted!

We love spending our mornings with you.

There's something about Mozart's Mornings. They are calm, simple, and relaxing. You wake up with us next to the beautiful, peaceful lake. Freshly brewed coffee in all flavors, hot brewed teas, refreshing ice water, and not to mention —the plethora of breakfast options!

Our bakery gets to work before the sun rises. They are the first in the door. Their hard work provides us with exquisite, tasty options to help get your day started.

Have you tried the Mozart's Pecan Coffee Cake? Fresh out of the oven daily and voted #1 in town. Next up on the breakfast menu is the quiche! Potato and Leek, Bacon, Spinach — you name it, we've got it. On the savory note, we also have our made-fresh-daily breakfast tacos in many different options.

From muffins, to bagels, to cinnamon rolls, to croissants and all of the delicious items mentioned above — Mozart's truly is worth waking up for.

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