Mozart's makes food delivery in Austin a piece of cake!

Food delivery platforms in Austin have served as a nice, guilty pleasure after a hard day of work, but this type of service is now table stakes to serve anyone safely and in compliance with ordinances. As Austin locals are doing their part to stay home, stay healthy, and practice safe socializing delivery platforms, pickup, carryout, and drive-thru options are a necessity. What once was just a pizza past time - today at Mozart's you will get anything from cold brew, bakery items, savory and sweet treats … and oh yes, Texas BBQ from Black N Brew!

Food Delivery In Austin Just Got More Delicious

We get it at Mozart's and are committed to excel at this new normal! That means 1) Options; 2) Safety and Space first; 3) Getting EVERY ORDER RIGHT. Austin locals want their coffee fix or their favorite cafe treats on-demand, easy to order, easy to transact - and in ways that are assured to be safe. We've listened, observed, and are focused to do our very best for you whichever way you choose to get your Mozart's magic.

We have you covered. Order from us with EVERY available option:

Drive-thruDelivery Apps
Curb-sideCarry Out
Take-OutPick Up/Consume on Deck with Safe Social Distance

Here’s how it works!

Mozart's Food Delivery & Pick Up Austin Texas

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