Get Your Bling On!

Every year since its inception in 2009, Mozart’s has presented the public with a custom-designed set, not unlike what is typically seen on the Broadway stage. Each year the set is more extravagant than the year before.

This year’s Light Show color theme is purple. It took a team of six full-time people eight weeks to put up the show which features three outstanding new items. Huge purple and white painted handmade silk roses trimmed in LED rope lights are one of the first things one sees when entering Mozart’s, standing four feet wide x three and a half feet tall. There are a total of thirty roses adorning the top of the Grand Cafe. The second show stopper, awash in gold and white lights is the nine-foot-tall cuddly and sparkly teddy bear sitting in the center of an actual train track. The bear was hand-made in Greece. 

Why Greece? Stacey Leonard, co-owner of Mozart’s says, “I’m of  Greek origin and my extended family and contacts continue to surprise me with their extraordinary talent and resources. I like working with them.”

The ginormous five-foot-tall glittery Coffee Mug sits adjacent to the Christmas tents which serve huge savory and cinnamon pretzels, hot chocolate, bread pudding, and other desserts made especially for the 10th Annual Christmas Light Show. 

Live music is performed by McKenna Michaels. This year’s hit recorded songs include “Baby Shark” and “Purple Rain”. 
“We used to do the shows at the top of each hour but this caused traffic congestion, with everyone trying to get to the show at the same time,” says Katrine Formby, Light Show CEO. She adds, “we changed it to various start times throughout the hour.  When you go to Mozart's, the longest you will have to wait to see a show is about 13 minutes. 

We've loved seeing your smiling faces this season! The magic doesn't stop just yet. This year the show will go on the longest it ever has — January 5th! The perfect reason to step out of the house and step into the Christmas spirit.


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