Nominate a Local Austin Nonprofit to receive $10,000

This is the first year for Mozart’s Move! Nonprofit Donation.

Mozart’s has been part of the Austin community for 30 years, living here and giving here. For the ‘22 holiday season they plan to boost their efforts by donating $10,000 to a local nonprofit, helping them do more, and accomplish more. 


The format of the competition/challenge is simple, Mozart’s will collect nominations through the people of Austin through 12/15. Nominations should be sent to We will be requesting  that every nomination include the why and how of the donation’s impact on the organization and Austin community.

Once we receive the nominations, a form will be sent to the non-profits so that they all have the same information submitted. 

Mozart’s will judge and award the $10,000 on 12/21. Just another example of bringing joy - the Mozart’s way.

Who Participates

Austin-area nonprofits. This can include towns belonging to the Greater Austin MSA. (If you're unsure about the eligibility, email

How to Submit

Nominations submitted to either by an agent within the organization or an enthusiastic fan and includes the following information:

  • The name/link of the organization.
  • A good point of contact (name and phone number) of the nominator
  • A good point of contact (name and phone number) of someone within the organization (if available.)
  • Overview of the issue the nonprofit is facing in service to their mission and/or constituents, and how the $10,000 donation would help them achieve their (and their constituents) goals.

Submission Dates

10/17 - 12/15/22


Our criteria for judging:

  • the nature of the ask (ie - what you will do with the funds) 
  • the localized impact to/for our community here in Austin (ie - who this will impact and how)
  • the passion for your cause we "hear" in your communication with us (ie - why you do what you do)
  • our ability to make a meaningful impact with your organization's expressed need (ie - our confidence that our gift can help you in your cause)  

Important Dates

12/15 Nominations close

12/21 Winner announced


Submit your nominations HERE for the $10,000.00 Austin local nonprofit award with the requested information to be considered.

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