Everything you need to know about the TikTok Dance Competition


Mozart’s is always the place to be for the best holiday light show in Austin, and this year they’re adding an Interactive Light Up, LED dance floor to get you off your feet and dance before or after you “Get Lit! Up” with lights fantastic. In the vein of “there is never enough joy!” Mozart's is bringing in the Glenn Ball professional dancers to open the Interactive complimentary LED Dance floor for an unlimited (and free) Good Clean Fun event inside the Mozart’s experience.  

To add even more Jumping for Joy to this year’s event, Mozart’s is hosting a TIKTOK dance contest complete with 1st - 3rd prizes and open to dancers anywhere in the world who can submit through Instagram. There are several tiers of judging, and the contest opens 11/14 and closes 12/19 for the judges to do their work

Competition Overview

Glenn Ball is choreographing a dance to the song, MOVE, to serve as the "basis dance" for others to emulate and use to compete with. Participants are welcome to use his as a starting point and copy it from start to finish, but if they want to "amp it up" and "flex" and show a better dance routine to win that big money, that is entirely a valid option for them to do BUT they must use "MOVE" as the audio track.


Who Participates

Dancers from all over the world who have access to TikTok/Instagram

How to Submit

Dancer posts with #mozartsmovedancechallenge in their caption and tags @mozartscoffee on Instagram, tags @mozarts_coffee on TikTok, tags @MozartsCoffeeRoasters in Facebook stories, or mentions Mozart's Coffee Roasters YouTube channel in a YouTube Short. That's it. 

** any video collected for the dance contest becomes the property of Mozart’s Coffee Roasters for use in marketing or advertising purposes on our own pages or truck billboards without restraint.

Submission Dates

11/14 - 12/19


Dance video judged based on creativity of overall video & the best dance moves

Important Dates

12/20: Mozart’s judges determine 20 finalist dance videos

12/21 - 12/28: Twenty finalist videos are open for public voting to determine 10 finalists

12/29 - 12/30: Top 3 finalist videos determined

12/31: Top 3 finalist videos announced


1st place dance award: $5,000.00

2nd place dance award: $2,500.00

3rd place dance award: $1,000.00 

Total dance awards = $8,500.00!


Submit your videos on TikTok or Instagram

  Mozart’s TikTok account: 


Mozart’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/mozartscoffee/ 

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