Dessert Heaven is a New Tradition

Hey ho! The Holidays are here! If entertaining from your home means the kitchen gets a good workout–then that means probably so do you! This year think about starting a new tradition. After the table from your feast is cleared, head on over to Mozart’s on Lake Austin to treat yourself to a well-deserved Dessert Heaven.  

Mozart’s is the perfect waterfront dining spot to feed your sweet tooth, and is open every day from as early as 7am all the way to 12 midnight (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day). That makes everyday the perfect day to visit after dinner for exquisite world-class baked delicacies offering the dessert of choice for everyone in your tribe.

Stacey Leonard, co-owner of Mozart’s, is a confectionary mastermind. She oversees production with meticulous attention to the perfection of taste, texture and aesthetics needed for Mozart’s creations to bring joy to all.  

This new Dessert Heaven tradition presents Mozart’s Opera Cake, Hazelnut Torte Cake, Carrot Cake, Mixed Fruit Tart, Pecan Tarts, Strawberry Cheesecake, Gluten Free Turtle Cheesecake, Pistachio Cannoli, Chocolate Chip Cannoli, Tiramisu Cups, Raspberry Eclairs, Seasonal Cheesecake and Seasonal Tarts to the hearts and hands and tummies of those you love. And don’t forget their famous Cocoa Bomb Blossoms for your cup of Hot Yum!

If you visit any evening from now thru January 6, 2023, you will experience Mozart's Christmas Light Show with two million lights, music, and dancing! You can witness all of this for free if you are ok with standing in the Marketplace. To reserve an outside table requires tickets, however, so please visit: Tickets are going fast and some time periods may be already sold out. Consider adjusting your plans to ensure you have a seat for your golden oldie relatives, who will be sure to thank you for your thoughtfulness.

To put some extra spice in your after dinner visit to Mozart’s, you can Cha-Cha to Wow! on their Lit Up! LED Dance Floor located in the free viewing area of the Bavarian Marketplace (converted from the adjacent parking lot). Free Marketplace reservations including access to the Lit Up! LED Dance Floor are available at (Friday and Saturday late nights’ Silent Disco tickets require a unique reservation and payment to attend. Playlists are catered to adult audiences, so parents are respectfully advised.)

After all is said and done, Dessert Heaven is truly about sharing the Joy - at Mozart’s! 
(Please stop by and see what Joy we can bring to you and yours!)


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