COVID-19 Update

Mozart's sincerely cares about the health of all our customers and employees.  We're choosing to remain cautious at this time with our processes related to health and safety concerns related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  As a private business, we will continue to comply with CDC preventative guidelines related to the pandemic.
We have established clear guidelines and will maintain so for the foreseeable future that all patrons interested in visiting Mozart's may not enter:
1) if they are without a proper face covering and/or mask;
2) if they are sick or under quarantine;
3) if they have been in close contact or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days;
4) if they are unable or unwilling to keep the CDC recommended 6-foot separation guidelines
If any of these apply to you, we ask you to respect our wishes to operate our business harmoniously without conflict and in a safe manner for all.  The Governor has encouraged that health and safety prevention is an individual responsibility.  We are taking these steps to ensure we at Mozart's are doing our very best to participate in that cooperative effort. 
Thank you.

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