Austin-Travis County moves to Stage 2 - No Masks Required

Today, on May 18th, 2021 - the City of Austin & Austin-Travis County Health Authority have reduced the risk based guidelines to Stage 2. With this change, the City of Austin has officially allowed the existing order to expire today (its deadline). The impact of that expiration, among other things, is that facial coverings and masks are no longer mandatory for transacting business in Austin and Travis County. The City of Austin and Travis County Health Authority position are consistent with the current CDC which advises that those citizens fully vaccinated need not wear masks indoors or outdoors to transact business or gather.

  • Effective immediately, Mozart's will no longer *require* masks to be used by customers in the store should they desire NOT to wear them. Mozart's will respect a customers' individual decision and as such, we will not ask any patron about or pursue any form of validation of their particular vaccination status. Mozart's respects that people can do the right thing, be honorable, and act responsibly in choosing whether or not to wear a mask. 

  • Mozart's will encourage every employee to follow their own sense of personal health and safety preferences now and for the foreseeable future. This means that any employee can continue to wear a mask in their respective roles at Mozart's. Similarly, an employee can opt to not wear a mask based on their own personal circumstances as reasonably advised by the CDC. 

  • Mozart's will continue to have masks available for patron usage should a customer be without one and desire to wear one while conducting business on our premises.

  • At Mozart's, in the event a customer is uncomfortable with this policy for any reason, we offer that Mozart's is respecting the CDC guidelines; where mask wearing for our business is a personal decision to be made by either a customer or an employee acting in their own best interests.

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