Mozart's makes food delivery in Austin a piece of cake!

Mozart’s makes food delivery in Austin a piece of cake!

Food delivery platforms in Austin have served as a nice, guilty pleasure after a hard day of work, but this type of service is now table stakes to serve anyone safely and in compliance with ordinances. As Austin locals are doing their part to stay home, stay healthy, and practice safe socializing delivery platforms, pickup, carryout, and drive-thru options are a necessity. What once was just a pizza past time – today at Mozart’s you will get anything from cold brew, bakery items, savory and sweet treats … and oh yes, Texas BBQ from Black N Brew!

Food Delivery In Austin Just Got More Delicious

We get it at Mozart’s and are committed to excel at this new normal! That means 1) Options; 2) Safety and Space first; 3) Getting EVERY ORDER RIGHT. Austin locals want their coffee fix or their favorite cafe treats on-demand, easy to order, easy to transact – and in ways that are assured to be safe. We’ve listened, observed, and are focused to do our very best for you whichever way you choose to get your Mozart’s magic.

We have you covered. Order from us with EVERY available option:

Drive-thruDelivery Apps
Curb-sideCarry Out
Take-OutPick Up/Consume on Deck with Safe Social Distance

Here’s how it works!

Mozart's Food Delivery & Pick Up Austin Texas

As Austin Restricts Restaurant Operations, Mozart's Responds to Restaurant Worker Needs with Online Delivery and New Baked Goods

“Our people matter more than anything.  We will do things that this very talented team can help put together to assist our employees…”.  With the operation now going through its necessary calibration of hours reduction, we will move to what we can and will try next that will unleash new opportunities for our talent here at Mozarts.” – Owner of Mozart’s, Ken Leonard.

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Mozart's Response to CO-VID19

March 15, 2020

Mozart’s is in receipt of the City of Austin Declaration of Disaster as executed on March 6th by Mayor Adler along
with the Declaration of State Disaster as issued and executed by Governor Abbott on March 13th.

Each Declaration explains that establishments – including Cafes like Mozarts – are expressly prohibited from hosting
or facilitating community gatherings of more than 250 persons from March 14th through May 1st.

The COVID-19 virus is contagious and can spread through person-to-person contact, especially in group settings and
the CDC recommends a community-wide approach to using “social distancing” to help prevent the spread of illness..

Mozart’s is committed to safe socializing with adequate social distancing available on our Cafe premises.

Each Disaster Declaration defines a Community Gathering as:
Any indoor or outdoor event that is likely to bring together 250 or more people at the same time in a single room or
other confined or enclosed space, such as an auditorium, theatre, stadium arena or event center, meeting hall,
conference center, large cafeteria, restaurant, nightclub/bar, or any other confined indoor or confined outdoor space.

Mozart’s has a confined interior space which provides seating for LESS THAN 250 persons.

Mozart’s has a series of un-confined exterior spaces where each of these un-confined spaces are safely
social distanced by, in most cases, a change in elevation, levels and grade of the property requiring stairs
which separate these unconfined areas by many feet.

Mozart’s has an un-confined exterior space where music, as part of the regular course of business rather
than an “event”, occurs in an area which provides seating for LESS THAN 250 persons.
Mozart’s is in compliance with the City of Austin and Travis County Health Department Health Authority
Order and Emergency Rules issued on March 13th where we, as a permitted establishment are required to:

A. Post Proper Hygiene Precautionary Flyers from the Health Authority
B. Make Available Hand Sanitizer in the Establishment to our Patrons
C. Clean Service Area Counters at least once every Hour
D. Promptly Dismiss from work employees who suffer from fevers at proscribed levels.

Are Outdoor Spaces Prohibited for Community Gatherings for more than 250 people?
An outdoor “Community Gathering” is expressly limited to events in confined outdoor spaces. Confined outdoor
spaces means enclosed by a fence, physical barrier, or other structure.
Mozart’s outdoor spaces are un-confined. Each of the unconfined areas at Mozart’s does not hold 250
people in a single-level or single space at the same time.
What is not considered a Community Gathering
These Orders do not prohibit gatherings of people in multiple, separate enclosed spaces including different floors
of a multi-level building, so long as 250 people are not present in any single space at the same time.

3825 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78703

What do Pies, Hand-Sanitizer, and Guinness have in common?

It’s March Madness at Mozart’s! Between Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, SXSW no-more, Spring Break, and the coronavirus — you may be torn between staying home and avoiding any and all interactions, or deciding to live it up during these interesting times. Either way, Mozart’s is here to support you in your decision! There are ways to celebrate with us, sanitize with us, and even get Mozart’s delivered to your home. Read more to find out how!

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Your Office Away From The Office (with Free Wifi!)

For over 26 years, Mozart’s has been a place to escape for the beautiful people of Austin and those traveling near and far. A zen location to breathe in the fresh lakeside air, a relaxing step outside from the hectic office, and inspirational abode to develop creative ideas — a place to get away. Not only do we pride ourselves in being a lakeside getaway, but we also pride ourselves in being your office away from the office with free wifi, bottomless coffee, and more. There are many reasons why, for so many years, people like you come back time and time again to get work done, drink coffee all day, and enjoy the views that Austin has to offer.

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The ABC's of Breakfast: Mozart's Edition

A-B-C, it’s easy as 1-2-3! Everyone can sing along to that jam just like everyone can enjoy the ABC’s of Mozart’s. Lately around our side of Lake Austin, that stands for Abundance (of) Breakfast Choices. Yep! You name it, we’ve got it. Who knew you could come to Mozart’s to sip coffee by the lake but also fill your hungry tummy with nutritious, hand-crafted breakfast creations? Let’s dive in to the ABC’s of Mozart’s Breakfast.

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Come and Take It, we Baked It!

March is off to a Texas Sized start with two unique days worth celebrating! You can always count on us here at Mozart’s to put the treats behind the reason for celebrating. Aside from our Texas-sized location, we are highlighting our Texas-sized treats this week as we celebrate our great state of Texas for Independence Day and Super Tuesday.

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Best Spring Desserts in Austin, TX!

Mozart’s Spring Menu Is Now In Full Bloom

Without fail, the first blossoms of spring make us recognize just how incredibly lucky we are to enjoy our days and evenings with our friends on picturesque Lake Austin.  Spring has sprung early at Mozart’s this year!  The verdant buds seem to be popping up everywhere.  Days are getting longer and the sun is shining ever more brightly, casting an amazing sparkle off the lake.  We’re celebrating these joys and natural beauty with the arrival of our newest farm-to-table spring dessert selections featuring speciality flavors like: succulent elderflower, decadent raspberry, citrus blood orange, mouth-watering Texas peaches, tasty apricots, roasted coconut, sweet mango and rich chocolate, of course .  Our beautiful array of Spring Desserts have hit our fully-stocked bakery cases and are ready for your sun-shiny enjoyment on Lake Austin.  Savor them with a friend, family … or just to treat yourself … because life is uncertain you deserve to eat dessert first!

From our Mango Gelee with fresh Panna Cotta and Blueberry Coulis to our You-Can’t-Believe-Its-Vegan Red Velvet Cake (made with beets!) to scrumptious Texas Crumble Peach Pie — you and your friends are in for a true Spring treat. Our Head Baker and Pastry Chef, Sarah Hamilton, together with the rest of our amazing culinary team at Mozart’s offer these 8 new desserts for you to savor! Introducing: The 2020 Spring Dessert Menu.

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Mozart's Mardi Gras Madness

You may know us for our Christmas lights, but we love any reason to celebrate. With the best coffee and dessert in town, it’s easy to do so. This year we are celebrating Fat Tuesday with Mozart’s Mardi Gras Madness! Starting Thursday, February 20th, we will be offering Mardi Gras specials that will be enjoyed by people from all over. We invite you to not only read along but join us in the Mardi Gras fun!

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