R.I.P Black N Brew

On March 16th – things looked bleak, unclear and the outlook for Mozart’s completely uncertain. Black N Brew was born 1 week later … and among other things it allowed us to pay our rent, not lay off any employees, feed the community, support first responders and add a dozen jobs between two local Austin/Central Texas businesses.  

Black N Brew has been everything we dreamed and more. A drive thru pop-up parking lot bbq stand at a coffee shop? Sounds wild — but it was a hit. 

This weekend will be the last weekend to pick up your BBQ and Cold Brew too at the Black N Brew Drive Thru only at Mozart’s on Lake Austin Blvd.
Let’s go out with a bang (and some lip smacking BBQ & Bakery)! Stop by to pick-up, drive thru, or pre-order online. 

Of course, Mozart’s remains open with our beautiful decks, Market and iconic Bakery and Roastery.  We’re grateful and blessed for the work we did together with our friends at Blacks to support this one ATX community.   Long live Black N Brew’s 2020 memory!

Some amazing stats below:

– 54 days long (Ending Sunday May 17th)

– More than 3,500 lbs of world-class brisket

– Almost 5,000 rings of world-class sausage served

– More than 250 lbs of moist delicious baby-backs served

– Almost 500 world-class roasted 1/2 chickens served

– More than 440 growlers of cold brew

– More than 2,500 Bavarian pretzels

– More than 1,000 Family Style desserts of Peach Cobbler, Pecan Butter Cake and Texas Sheet Cake

– More than 2,000 paid hours of labor employed

– More than 2,200 first responders fed

– More than 600 challenged Austinites cars fed on Good Friday

God bless Black N Brew.  
RIP 3/23/20 – 5/17/20

City of Austin & Travis County – NEW Social Distancing Order

May 8th at 10:30AM, Mayor Adler held a live City of Austin COVID-19 update which officially extended the shelter-at-home order in Austin until May 31st.  Travis County’s order is extended until June 15th.  Their combined “out dates” are to be revised based on the review of data (infection rates, physical interactions, etc) day by day and week by week. 

Mayor Adler and Judge Eckhardt issued this order with the recognition that the State of Texas’ decree supersedes it, and this admittedly confuses citizens and eliminates any citing, fines or criminal penalties for violating the City of Austin and Travis County order.   They believe their jurisdiction allows for the clarification of these rules and they commented that they do not see these in conflict with the Governor’s orders.

Mayor Steve Adler and Judge Sarah Eckhardt

Mayor Adler together with Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt have ordered the following:

  • Minimize physical interactions where possible, maintaining “stay-at-home-work-safe”;
  • Maintain 6 feet social distancing;
  • Maintain mask-wearing, consistent with the Governor’s recommendations.

The newly revised orders have requested that restaurants and cafes keep a log of any customers who contact them after a visit and disclose that they have symptoms.  Mozart’s staff have been educated on this proactive provision of the order and Mozart’s will be complying, reporting information as requested back to the City of Austin. 

We recognize that there is potential confusion for our customers between the different jurisdictions and orders as we phase-in the restarting of the economy.   Mozart’s will keep health and safety concerns and precautions front and center for our employees, customers and the community during this time for however long experts tell us is necessary.

To read a transcript of Mayor Adler’s new full order, click here.

Pay It Forward – These Masks Have No Strings Attached

As we all count the days (now 52 since this all began), it’s coming into focus how the livelihoods of our friends, partners, community and pretty much everyone we know have been adversely impacted through these challenging times.  Of course, we’re reminded of the health consequences daily.  But, it is only through the emails, texts and occasional phone calls that we hear of the “furlough”, the “layoff”, the “we’re closing” to even the “eviction”.   

We’ve been blessed to be able to stay open.  We have unique circumstances that come down to luck and surely divine providence.  While our people are genuinely skilled, courageous and selfless in their willingness to work “essential” jobs to benefit others – our conditions at Mozart can be contrasted to many who are tragically less fortunate.  Whether a first responder who’s fallen ill and has a family worried about the future, to fellow hospitality workers struggling to figure out how to make rent, or a family business person pretty much like ourselves faced with unrelenting uncertainty never expected, we at Mozart’s simply must acknowledge … “there, but for the Grace of God go we“.  

So, people ask us: “… why keep wearing masks? Why are we at Mozart’s putting that burden, inconvenience or even expense hardship on others?”  We’ve remarked how our Governor continues to recommend mask-wearing as a prudent health and safety precaution regardless of our Counties and Cities in Texas no longer having it be permissible to fine, cite or hold citizens criminally negligent for non-compliance.  We believe that recommendation by Governor Abbott wisely encourages each of us as private citizens – and in our case Mozart’s as a private business – to do our part.  To step up and help our employees, our customers and our community have the capacity to stay safe as we approach the opening of the economy with a phased-in, sensible approach. 

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Mozart's Most Updated COVID Protocol

Updated Monday, May 18 – On Monday May 18th at 2PM, Governor Abbott initiated Phase II protocols for the phased in re-opening of the Texas economy.  
You can see the full transcript of the Governor’s update here.
Relevant to our team here at Mozart’s, the Governor shared “… restaurants may expand their occupancy to 50% beginning May 22 … these occupancy limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain safe distancing among parties.”

On Friday, Mozart’s will double its current 25% outside seating to 50%.  While the decree exempts outside seating, we at Mozart’s believe this is prudent to maintain “safe” distancing as intended by our Governor and experts.  We hope you enjoy that and our beautiful decks.  The Governor also clearly stated that ” …ask all Texans to continue heeding the guidance of our state and federal medical experts and do their part to protect public health”  Part of that is Mozart’s maintaining and joining market-leading companies such as American Airlines, Costco, and Target to adhering to safe and health requirements for their staff and patrons transacting business.  Our store requires face masks to make a purchase but in the open air of our decks, and with our tables properly spaced, you may enjoy the environment with or without as you choose.  

Updated Friday, May 8At 10:30AM today, May 8th, Mayor Adler & Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt had a joint press conference to extend City and County Shelter at Home Orders through May 31st and June 15th respectively.  See the synthesis and clarification for understandable confusion here

Updated Monday, April 27 – At 2:30PM today, April 27th, Governor Abbott issued a statement regarding the new proclamation (GA – 18).  Our Governor clearly clarified a number of forthcoming measures the State of Texas is pursuing towards the re-opening the Texas economy.  

Nothing shared here by Mozart’s should conflict with our Governor’s actual statements made, please find them here.  

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40 Days… And Here Comes The Sun

A Quarantine Reflection Written by Ken & Stacey Leonard, Owners and Partners of Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Stacey and I recently learned the word “quarantine” (thanks to NPR) is Italian (“quarantine giorni”).  It apparently relates to holding immigrants for 40 days before it was “safe” to release them into the cities.  Unlike ancient Italian ports, there’s never been an acceptance period at Mozarts for any guests.  We say “You are always welcome here” … to everyone.  Indian, Jew, Muslin, Arab, Asian, African American, Latino, Special Needs, Hearing Impaired, LBGTQ, Persons with Disabilities, Students, Families, Young, Seasoned, Rich, Not-So-Rich … everyone has always been welcome now for almost 30 years.  It is simply One ATX Community at Mozart’s.  

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One ATX Community with Every Pack

Mozart’s Introduces the “One ATX Community with Every Pack” Program.

We’ve been blessed by many friends who have supported us with tireless work during this crisis.  

This community has helped us keep going! We want to continue giving back.

An amazing cast of entrepreneurs have joined hands with Mozart’s working around the clock – just like the dedicated employees here at Mozart’s – people like Black’s BBQ, JBG Organics, Ben E Keith, Labatt, Royal Coffee Imports, Albert Uster Imports Cottonfield, ABCO, Cawood’s Produce, IAC Imports, Linda Asaf Design … and many more all helping us by sharing their expertise and resource network. 

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Mozart's Adopts Face Mask Policies to Comply with Travis County Mask Requirements

Tuesday April 14th face coverings became a mandatory requirement for Austin and Travis County residents. The new rule – requiring face masks in public in all parts of Austin and Travis County —could be in place for weeks if not months.  Our public health officials in both Travis County and the City of Austin declared this requirement as a necessary step in continuing to slow the spread of COVID-19 when businesses do reopen.

Mozart’s Commits to Full Compliance

Mozart’s is committed to full compliance with the revised orders now in place in both Travis County and the City of Austin.  We consider it a privilege to remain open to serve the community as a take-out, to-go, carry-out, pick-up and drive-thru facility.  

We are humbled by our employees’ efforts during these times and the continuing support of our patrons, neighbors, and community of first responders.  This strong Austin community recognizes that being open carries the responsibility of maintaining constant revisions in our operation aligned with *all* guidelines.  

Mozart’s Scores An A For Health Department Compliance

We are routinely inspected by the hard working professionals at the City of Austin, Health Department.  They are dedicated to keeping our facility safe, our employees safe, and our patrons safe. Each of these new adoptions in our operation (mandatory mask wearing for all employees/patrons and 13 feet spacing of patrons) have been acknowledged by the Health Department.  Our most recent scoring was deemed excellent as an “A” – 94% out of 100% as of April 15th, 2020.  We have been shown great appreciation by their team and diligent inspectors acknowledging how methodical Mozart’s is in pursuing this COVID-19 operational period with procedures dedicated to the health and safety of the community.  

Face coverings must be worn in public places—like grocery stores and gas stations and anyone coming to Mozart’s.  Mozart’s has mandated this in a comprehensive manner effective immediately for all employees, patrons and any delivery service providers (UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash, Favor).

Mozart's Offers CDC Compliant Safe Distancing At 13 Feet

The CDC recently announced some new revelations about the Corona virus and its ability to spread from person to person. Previous reports suggested that a 6 foot distance was sufficient for avoiding infection, however, the newest reports have increased this distance to 13 feet.

Here at Mozart’s we’ve been paying close attention to the CDC’s guidelines from the start.

In this letter, first published on March 23rd and updated April 13th, you’ll see that we’re updating our facility to accommodate 13 foot distance recommendations. As always, we’re doing our best to promote the safest precautions recommended by the CDC. Read what we shared in our letter below:

Mozart’s is not in a position to further define what you, our customers, believe to be “essential” in terms of completing your tasks (getting food – take out or otherwise).  We have implemented all our common areas’ outside seating at 13 feet apart, in compliance with the CDC’s most recent recommendations.  We are NOT encouraging socializing or congregating beyond patrons buying their goods, enjoying them how they wish – and getting about their business. (And in this case, complying with the intent of Mayor Adler’s request to then “Shelter in Place”.)  In the process of offering our food and beverage items for Delivery, Pickup, Carryout, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and Contact-less receipt where possible and practical – we are not going to trivialize the Mayor’s request of the citizens of Austin and we will encourage you to consume your items – then be on your way.

We are in a situation in the City of Austin where we are placing our faith and confidence in our leaders and we ask that you respect our decision to do so and we encourage you to do so as well.  We are one community and we are committed to helping our neighbors, our employees, and our patrons weather this challenge as best as possible – and as safely as possible.  We will remain open so long as we remain fully compliant with the City of Austin mandates and orders.  Should Mayor Adler’s order – again expected to be posted tomorrow – be different than what we have been informed here, we will update this post and our obligations operating-wise, accordingly.  

Thank you.  We wish the very best for you during these times,
-Mozart’s Coffee Roasters & Bakery 

Mozart's makes food delivery in Austin a piece of cake!

Mozart’s makes food delivery in Austin a piece of cake!

Food delivery platforms in Austin have served as a nice, guilty pleasure after a hard day of work, but this type of service is now table stakes to serve anyone safely and in compliance with ordinances. As Austin locals are doing their part to stay home, stay healthy, and practice safe socializing delivery platforms, pickup, carryout, and drive-thru options are a necessity. What once was just a pizza past time – today at Mozart’s you will get anything from cold brew, bakery items, savory and sweet treats … and oh yes, Texas BBQ from Black N Brew!

Food Delivery In Austin Just Got More Delicious

We get it at Mozart’s and are committed to excel at this new normal! That means 1) Options; 2) Safety and Space first; 3) Getting EVERY ORDER RIGHT. Austin locals want their coffee fix or their favorite cafe treats on-demand, easy to order, easy to transact – and in ways that are assured to be safe. We’ve listened, observed, and are focused to do our very best for you whichever way you choose to get your Mozart’s magic.

We have you covered. Order from us with EVERY available option:

Drive-thruDelivery Apps
Curb-sideCarry Out
Take-OutPick Up/Consume on Deck with Safe Social Distance

Here’s how it works!

Mozart's Food Delivery & Pick Up Austin Texas