Roasting In The Twenty-Twenties

As Austin’s first in-house coffee roaster beginning in 1993; we’ve seen ATX change each decade ever since the 90s. We released Mozart’s Blend in 1993, El Gato Negro and Vecchi Amici in 2000, and Lake Austin Blend in 2010. 

The twenty-twenties deserve their own roast and we’re on it.

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Win an iPad this Christmas!

Yep, that’s right. You have a chance to win an iPad Pro just by submitting your favorite light show photo to the 2019 Light Show Photo Contest! It’s All About Texas Christmas Lights.

As the light show swings into full gear, we kick-it off by hosting a Photo Contest with our neighbors, Hula Hut. Each year we get 1000s of submissions. It’s truly wonderful to see.

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Behind the Scenes of the 10th Annual Joyous Light Show

The Annual Light Show does not just go up over night, as one may think. The next years show is thought about pretty much as soon as it comes down the year prior! Our number one light show impresario, Katrine Fromby, strategically plans every single detail of the light show and boy, does she do a phenomenal job.

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Hello, Winter Desserts!

Just recently, our previous part-time baker, Sarah Hamilton, has worked her way up to Mozart’s newest Pastry Chef & Bakery Operations Manager! This is hot news in the bakery, but so are all the new Winter Desserts that we are rolling out in lieu of the 10th Annual Joyous Light Show starting on November 21st.

We all have a craving for fresh, daily baked goods, both sweet and savory. It’s unquenchable, especially when those items are hand-made with TLC every step of the way. That’s what our team strives for here at Mozart’s — a stalwart of excellence and a perennial Austins’ Best (2019 Best of the Best Dessert). 

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Spanish Classes at Mozarts Austin

Live The Language at Mozart’s!

For the past 8 years, Owner and Co-Founder of Live The Language, Deidre Kateri Aragon, has been gathering her students at Mozart’s to teach them Spanish and to engage with each other in Spanish Conversation.

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New Mozarts Bakery lunch sandwiches

New Menu Options at Mozart’s!

With the help of our extraordinary bakery team and lead baker, Sarah Hamilton, the Mozart’s daily menu has never been better. We not only upgraded our lunch sandwiches, but also added breakfast sandwiches, increased our Gluten-Free and Vegan options, and are providing more variety in our seasonal options. Let’s dive in and take a look!

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Mozarts Seasonal Coffee Release

Seasonal Coffee Releases

It’s about that time for a new Seasonal Coffee Release (or two!) to get us all in the holiday spirit.

As you may or may not know, we roast our coffee IN HOUSE in our on campus roasting room. If you haven’t seen it yet, but sure to stop by next time. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to smell the delicious coffee being roasted.

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Mozarts Cold Coffee

National Coffee Day Fun Facts

As you may or may not know, September 28th is National Coffee Day! So, of course we are celebrating. If you come by Mozart’s any time on Sunday, September 28th, you will be greeted with $1 double espresso shots, buy 1 pound of coffee and get a 1/2 pound of coffee free deals, and an amazing giveaway with our friends at Packed Party.

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