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Face Masks

We've worked quickly to partner with talented local seamstresses, health professionals, and designers so that we can provide Austin locals with a large variety of protective face masks to keep up with the city's mask requirements. Closely monitor CDC recommendations and use these washable face masks for your community errands so you can stay safe, and help keep others safe as well.

Designer Face Masks

These hi-style, washable and effective designer face masks are skillfully made by a nationally recognized fashion designer to the stars. Engineered with a special interior HEPA filter embedded within 3 layer construction.

Nurse Made & Approved

These fashion-forward, 4-pleat washable, effective cloth face masks are available in dozens of delightful fabrics for outfit coordination. Each are hand-sewn by USA Nurses adhering to all CDC face mask advisory standards.

SportsFlex Masks

Mozart's proprietary waterproof, anti-dust masks reduce 99.98% of bacteria & block 98.65% of UV rays. Classic, comfortable fit for sports and play, maintaining a recommended face covering. Individually packed in sealed sanitized package.

Cotton Coffee Filter Insert Face Masks

These washable and effective cloth face masks available in solid primary color patterns are hand-crafted by a local Austin seamstress.

Disposable Masks

These single-day use, disposable masks affordably and effectively cover your face aligned to CDC recommendations.

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