What are the Coffee Industry Trends for 2020?

Every country in the world has its own version of coffee. This goes to show that this is a timeless drink that transcends all cultures. Coffee consumption stats indicate that a massive 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world each day. Second, to oil, this humble bean is the second most traded commodity in the world. Moreover, this is now the third most popular drink all over the world next to water and tea. 

It is not surprising that the first thing most people like to do when they get out of bed is to reach for their favorite java drink. Coffee is an excellent equalizer with all races having their own ideal blend. For instance, Filipinos love kape, the Dutch go for kaffie, Turks blend kahveh, and the Malaysians like kopi, but at the end of the day, everyone just wants a caffeine boost. 

Perk Up with Important Coffee Stats

Finland is the leading country with the most coffee lovers in the word with 9.6kg per capita, followed by Norway with 7.kg per capita, and then the Netherlands with 6.7kg per capita. All three countries are small in area countries, yet the citizens chug coffee like champs. 

Not to be outdone, the USA is also a coffee connoisseur country with almost 40,000 coffee shops across the nation where people can perk up for their day. The city with the most coffee culprits is the Big Apple, with New Yorkers drinking seven times more cups of coffee than any other US city. There is also a Starbucks cafe on almost every street corner of Manhattan. 

However, when it comes to the production of coffee beans, the leading producer is in South America. Brazil produces 2.6 million metric tons of coffee when they harvest annually. This is followed by Vietnam with 1.6 million metric tons, Colombia with 800,000 metric tons, Indonesia with 660,000 metric tons, and Ethiopia with 384,000 metric tons. 

The popularity of this drink stems from the ancient times in Ethiopia, yet even to this day, a humble cup of java remains a favorite. Let’s take a look at the exciting trends in the coffee industry for 2020 below. 

Outstanding Coffee Selling and Marketing Strategies

With these coffee shops and coffee products now saturating the market, cafe owners and coffee manufacturers are on a bid to outdo each other. They came up with interesting gimmicks this 2020 to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Who doesn’t want to secure more clients? 

Coffee Agro-Tourism

With everyone into the art of wanderlust, thanks to the millennial generation, everyone wants an experience with their coffee purchase. Coffee tourism is now a big hit, as seen in viral posts on social media featuring the Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee in Bali, Indonesia. Who thought that poop of the civet cat would be such a big hit? Many coffee producers have allowed entry into their farms to see the coffee plant, the civet cats, and the process of manufacturing the beans. The end of the tour is a coffee tasting set in lush Instagrammable surroundings.  

Coffee Subscription Boxes

Modern clients love to brew their craft coffee at home. Subscription to different blends of coffee is gaining traction. Through this method, coffee lovers can even enhance and expand their palette by trying different exotic combinations and flavors. Thanks to technology, you can order from anywhere in the world and have it delivered right to your doorstep. 

Ready to Drink Beverages

With the world so used to quick, fast, and instant, ready to drink and on-the-go coffee straight out of the shelf or fridge is another modern marvel. This comes in a broad range of flavors and variants to suit any taste bud. Now, there is a wide range of coffee items in convenience stores, gas stations, and vending machines. 

Get a Caffeine Buzz with Original Coffee Recipes 

The forever-evolving coffeeholic audience always likes to try something new. Now, when you go to a coffee shop, there are close to a hundred possible combinations that you can try. For 2020, the following brews mentioned below are set to take the world by storm. 

Coffee Married to Cola Drinks

Two caffeinated drinks merge into one sounds like a great energy booster! Well, it’s happening now with coffee-infused cola drinks. Pepsi started this trend with its Pepsi Cafe, which is said to have twice as much caffeine as the ordinary one. Not to be outdone, Coca Cola has the Coke Plus Coffee, which is already sold abroad but is slated to make its debut in the US soon. 

Nitro with a Splash of Bubbles

Nitro coffee was trendy in 2019. Today, this drink makes a come back in the coffee scene by combining with spritzers. Baristas mix in a splash of carbonated water or any seltzer type beverage to smoothen this cold nitro brew. 

Try Snapchilled Coffee

Snapchilled kicks cold brew in the butt! This is the newest way to drink cold coffee. The procedure takes hot coffee and cools it down in a matter of minutes. It is easier and faster to make than cold brew, giving your drink a more delightful burst of flavor. 

Coffee Industry Predictions

In this new era, coffee consumers understand their coffee comes from a plant. They want sustainable coffee that doesn’t harm the earth. On top of that, they want sustainable packaging. Everyone understands that climate change is real, so as much as possible, coffee lovers want to buy beans and drinks that are eco-friendly. 

Moreover, coffee aficionados are also aware of the injustice that exists in the world, so they want fair trade coffee. With the top coffee producers located in developing countries, consumers demand fair trade certification to ensure that the workers who produce the coffee are paid adequately. Coffee and social justice now go hand-in-hand. 

Final Word

Coffee will remain significant in 2020 and the years to come. With the younger generation now starting to discover the joys of coffee, the market is becoming even bigger. To address the demand, cafes and coffee producers adapt their techniques, add to their menus, and incorporate sustainability to continue thriving.

Lianna Arakelyan is a content writer and digital marketing expert to the extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. She is extreme in her work with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing and technology news of the world.

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