Mozart's Most Updated COVID Protocol

Updated Monday, May 18 – On Monday May 18th at 2PM, Governor Abbott initiated Phase II protocols for the phased in re-opening of the Texas economy.  
You can see the full transcript of the Governor’s update here.
Relevant to our team here at Mozart’s, the Governor shared “… restaurants may expand their occupancy to 50% beginning May 22 … these occupancy limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain safe distancing among parties.”

On Friday, Mozart’s will double its current 25% outside seating to 50%.  While the decree exempts outside seating, we at Mozart’s believe this is prudent to maintain “safe” distancing as intended by our Governor and experts.  We hope you enjoy that and our beautiful decks.  The Governor also clearly stated that ” …ask all Texans to continue heeding the guidance of our state and federal medical experts and do their part to protect public health”  Part of that is Mozart’s maintaining and joining market-leading companies such as American Airlines, Costco, and Target to adhering to safe and health requirements for their staff and patrons transacting business.  Our store requires face masks to make a purchase but in the open air of our decks, and with our tables properly spaced, you may enjoy the environment with or without as you choose.  

Updated Friday, May 8At 10:30AM today, May 8th, Mayor Adler & Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt had a joint press conference to extend City and County Shelter at Home Orders through May 31st and June 15th respectively.  See the synthesis and clarification for understandable confusion here

Updated Monday, April 27 – At 2:30PM today, April 27th, Governor Abbott issued a statement regarding the new proclamation (GA – 18).  Our Governor clearly clarified a number of forthcoming measures the State of Texas is pursuing towards the re-opening the Texas economy.  

Nothing shared here by Mozart’s should conflict with our Governor’s actual statements made, please find them here.  

Important Summary Information:

  • When: Goes into Effect, Friday May 1st at 12:00AM
  • What Changes:
    • Restaurants may reopen with capacities limited to 25% of their stated occupancy limits
  • What does NOT Change:
    • Essential businesses (Grocery stores, To-Go, Carryout, Delivery, Pickup, DriveThrus) are NOT impacted and will continue to operate as of the last State, County and City of Austin mandate
    • Physical & Social Distancing provisions remain intact and unchanged (as clear recommendations from the CDC and DHHS) 
    • Queuing and line requirements for spacing remain unchanged
    • Travis County & City of Austin Mask requirements in Travis County & City of Austin remain intact
  • What CAN BE expected to Change in the Future:
    • The Governor has mentioned May 18th as the next period of “evaluation” and advice.

What does this Mean at Mozarts:

  • Opening Schedule: Mozart’s has been open, uninterrupted during the COVID-19 crisis by conforming to essential business requirements operating as  “to-go”, “carryout”, “pickup”, “take-out”, “Black N Brew Drive Thru” and our new Grocery Store – the Boat Towne Market.
    • Effect: No Change
  • Seating Availability: Mozart’s modified its seating in our common deck area at the beginning of the COVID-19 Presidential orders and removed 75% of the usable tables – leaving Mozart’s already in direct compliance with the 25% occupancy rule published today by our Governor.  
    • Effect: No Change
  • Queuing/Line-Flow: Mozart’s adopted CDC revised requirements of 13’ of line queuing distance to enter the flow of pick-up.  
    • Effect: Due to the anticipated increase in flow with the staggered reopening together with contained infection rates, Mozart’s will relax line flow queuing to the mandated 6 Feet
  • City of Austin/Travis County Mask Requirement: The Governor’s new proclamation does not revise this local ordinance but it does eliminate the capacity for County and City of Austin officials to levy fines or criminal charges for non-compliance.  The Governor’s order plainly states an explicit recommendation that people wear face masks in public  Mozart’s agrees with the Governor and will, as a private business, require that while transacting business in the store a mask is worn. You are free on our deck seating, appropriately spaced via our tables arranged for safe social and physical distancing- use your mask (on or off) as you wish.
    • Effect: No change

As these provisions continue to change, we will update our customers. 

We believe Governor Abbott is very sensible in favoring that we all pursue coordinated measures for a staggered reopening.  “Opening Texas must occur in phases.”  Our City of Austin Mayor Steve Adler stated that the State of Texas position on reopening of business, and the general provisions of GA – 18 align with Austin’s requirements so long as phased in transactions between customers and business remain “contactless”. 

Mozart’s remains committed to keep all its employees, customers and our community safe.  We will remain vigilant in doing so as we consider it a privilege to be open and serving. 

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