Behind the Scenes of the 10th Annual Joyous Light Show

The Annual Light Show does not just go up over night, as one may think. The next years show is thought about pretty much as soon as it comes down the year prior! Our number one light show impresario, Katrine Fromby, strategically plans every single detail of the light show and boy, does she do a phenomenal job.

It’s not just a one woman show, though! With the help of the Mozart’s Light Show crew working day in and day out, they are able to create this masterpiece from scratch. From standing on the roof placing each light, to building a new stage, to creating a platform for the newest addition, the train, intricate thought and design go into the beautiful lights you see today!

Did you know that every year, Mozart’s decorations and props are custom made? There have never been two seasons alike! One of our favorite additions this year is the Mozart’s Express Train.

This train took over nine months to design and assemble the tracks to specification! WOW!

Other new additions to this years 10th Annual Celebration are the beautiful purple roses, made out of silk and trimmed with a golden light frame and the big, cuddly teddy bear! There is more than just props, though. There is a whole new musical experience that goes along with the magical lights.

We can’t wait to see you out this season, if you haven’t stopped by already. Be sure to check out the Mozart’s Express train and other 2019 Light Show props. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @mozartscoffee!

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