Live The Language at Mozart’s!

For the past 8 years, Owner and Co-Founder of Live The Language, Deidre Kateri Aragon, has been gathering her students at Mozart’s to teach them Spanish and to engage with each other in Spanish Conversation.

Live The Language lives by their mission to provide their students— adults, children, families, and organizations—with thoroughly personalized, interactive classes to speak and attain fluency in Spanish that will provide an unforgettable learning experience that their students will never forget.

As mentioned above, Deidre has been hosting her classes at Mozart’s for 8 years now! We asked her what she loves most about Mozart’s and here is what she says:

“Mozart’s is the most beautiful coffee shop in Austin. It has the perfect harmony between the exuberant natural beauty of Austin and Mozart’s luminous modern architecture. There’s no better place to converse and sip delicious coffee or tea than Mozart’s decks in the milder weather months and Mozart’s luminous “indoor sun room” with  spectacular views of Lady Bird Lake during hotter or cooler days. Needless to add, the baristas are the BEST. They make you feel at home and know what you like. All the Mozart’s staff is caring and attentive. “

So well put and nicely said, Deidre! Her favorite drinks at Mozart’s, depending on the weather, are Hot Ginger Lemongrass Tea, Iced Yerba Mate, and Hot Chai with almond milk and cinnamon powder. As far as food goes, she enjoys our scrumptious spinach empanadas, the tasty fresh berry oatmeal and the delicious fruit salad with yogurt.

A fun fact about Deidre is that she is originally from Mexico City and have been teaching Spanish in Austin since 1997. My husband is a fantasy novelist and wrote most of his first novel, THE THORN OF DENTONHILL  at Mozart’s. He is about to publish his 10th novel. WOW! How cool.

Another fun fact about Deidre that we wanted to add in for ourselves is that she is always dressed SO lovely! She wears beautiful colors, is always matching, and wears the most stunning hats and earrings that pair perfectly with her outfits. Truly its always a joy to see Deidre around!

She says she will keep coming back to Mozart’s time and time again because it’s so beautfiul and her students love it.

To find out more information on Live The Language, check out her website here! Maybe you’re interested in learning Spanish with other adults, and Deidre is the perfect person to learn from. We love hosting you all!

Gracias, Deidre! Adios!

New Menu Options at Mozart’s!

With the help of our extraordinary bakery team and lead baker, Sarah Hamilton, the Mozart’s daily menu has never been better. We not only upgraded our lunch sandwiches, but also added breakfast sandwiches, increased our Gluten-Free and Vegan options, and are providing more variety in our seasonal options. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Breakfast Sandwiches

We’ve offered breakfast options for quite some time— outsourcing pastries from other local bakeries, having fresh bagels delivered every morning, and making our delicious breakfast tacos in house. Well, a knew addition has arrived to the mix: The Breakfast Sandwich.

There are two new options for you to eat for breakfast now: Ham, Egg, N’ Cheese as well as Spinach, Egg, N’ Cheese. Not only are the insides delicious, but they are sandwiched between two fresh Easy Tiger loaves. YUM!

Lunch Sandwiches

Our lunch sandwiches have been around for quite some time now, offered every day until sold out. Don’t worry, they are still the delicious sandwiches you know and love, just with a little face lift. These sandwiches are now offered on Easy Tiger loaves as well! Delivered fresh to use every day. America, Italian, Caprese — we got it. Oh, and don’t forget our baker, Sergio’s, homemade pesto. Honestly, we’re drooling.

Gluten-Free Cheesecake

Gluten Free? No worries! We’ve now added Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake to the bake case as well! These cheesecake slices are the perfect portion of indulgence and Gluten Free to meet all of your needs.

Vegan Peanut Butter Bars and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Maybe you’ve tried it already as we mentioned in our Fall Menu Blog, but our new Vegan (and GF!) Peanut Butter Bars will have you off your feet. These squares are the perfect mix of Peanut Butter and Chocolate… just trust us on that. We also offer two Vegan Cookie choices: Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle.

Cheers to Fall! We are happy it’s here and happy to have new sandwiches for you 🙂

Seasonal Coffee Releases

It’s about that time for a new Seasonal Coffee Release (or two!) to get us all in the holiday spirit.

As you may or may not know, we roast our coffee IN HOUSE in our on campus roasting room. If you haven’t seen it yet, but sure to stop by next time. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to smell the delicious coffee being roasted.

On September 29th, we released the newest blend to Mozart’s Coffee, Clasico Del Otono. This blend is a Vienna Roast Fall Classic.

It’s origins are in Indonesia and Central America. It has tasty notes of Dark Cocoa, Whiskey, and Pipe Tobacco — perfect for Fall. It has uniquely balanced roast flavors and origin characteristics. This blend is available hot and fresh in house until November 11 and also by the pound for you to take home! Be sure to snag it while it’s here.

Another exciting roast we always look forward to bringing back is our Thanksgiving Day Blend! This blend will be offered from November 11th to November 25th.

Fun fact… this has been one of our seasonal offerings since 1999! It is a Norther European – Vienna Roast with origins in Central and South America as well as African and Indonesian Islands.

It has a gentle, warm roast flavor topped off with deep chocolate and aromatic spices. Perfect to take home to the family to enjoy with your Thanksgiving pies!

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National Coffee Day Fun Facts

As you may or may not know, September 28th is National Coffee Day! So, of course we are celebrating. If you come by Mozart’s any time on Sunday, September 28th, you will be greeted with $1 double espresso shots, buy 1 pound of coffee and get a 1/2 pound of coffee free deals, and an amazing giveaway with our friends at Packed Party.

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On top of all of that, we should probably discuss the reasons we are even celebrating something that is consumed daily by almost all of you and the reason we are even in business.

Here are some fun facts aka reasons to keep celebrating coffee.

  1. It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide
  2. Coffee is second only to oil as the most valuable legally traded commodity
  3. It was first discovered by a goat herder whose goats were consuming these mysterious red beans and becoming more energetic, so he decide to try them himself
  4. “Captain John Smith helped bring coffee to the New World, but the drink didn’t initially catch on. By 1773, coffee’s weaker cousin, tea, was wildly popular in the colonies: however, when the Tea Act was passed, keeping in place a duty (tax) on tea imported to the colonies, American colonists became angry.”
  5. Coffee is good for your memory!
  6. It was originally chewed… weird right?
  7. Finland is the world’s coffee capital
  8. The Guinness World Record holder for “Oldest Cat Ever”—a 38-year-old kitty named Creme Puff—drank coffee every morning of her furry little life
  9. It would take 70 cups of coffee in a row to kill a 150 pound person
  10. Coffee could one day fuel your car…

All these fun facts and we are just excited to wake up and celebrate another year of serving you coffee! We hope you do come out and celebrate with us. Thank you for loving us and choosing our coffee for over 25 years.

Happy National Coffee Day!

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Your Event Destination — All Year Long

Here at Mozart’s, we care about more than just our incredible coffee and delicious desserts. We care about you and your memorable experience!

Our place is one of a kind. Something you hardly come by in Austin nowadays. We have a little indoor seating, but mainly an entire deck full of outdoor seating for you to sit with friends/families and escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. There’s something so serene about being by the lake!

Something you may not know is that we love to host your parties! From birthdays to company outings to engagements, we are your one stop event destination.

Not only do we have a prime location that anyone is sure to love, we can also supply food, desserts, drinks to help make your event as smooth as possible!

What about the Mozart’s Christmas Light Show some may ask? No worries! There is room for you during the show as well. You have the option to rent out an entire section of the Mozart’s Patio, Grotto, whatever area you’d like for however many people will be attending, and we will take care of the rest.

Coffee, Dessert, Place, People — it all goes together hand and hand. Life is worth celebrating, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your celebration with us.

Please call 512-477-2900 to schedule your event today.

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The Person Behind The Voice: Morgan Nicole Music

Mozart’s is no stranger to the Austin music scene, and neither is Indie Pop Singer/Songwriter, Morgan Nicole. She may have only been performing at Mozart’s for 1 year now, but she has been heavily involved in the music industry since she was just 12 years old.

If you have heard her play anywhere in town, you know that her voice is incredible and her music so beautiful; but there is even more to her than that!

We asked Morgan the typical Mozart’s Story Questions, and here’s what she has to say:

Favorite Drink at Mozart’s: Iced Latte

Favorite Dessert at Mozart’s: Oreo Cheesecake

We also like to ask all of our guest bloggers what they love about Mozart’s! She said she loves Mozart’s for it’s atmosphere, it’s view of the lake, it’s friendly staff, great coffee, and delicious treats. “I love hanging out and playing on the beautiful deck with all the lights. It’s always a friendly and supportive crowd”, says Morgan.

“Mozart’s represents everything great about Austin. It supports the live music scene, the college crowd, families, and even business people who come to work and enjoy the atmosphere.” We couldn’t agree more with you!

A fun fact for you to know is that she has been in Austin since she was 4 years old! She was homeschooled growing up so being present at a coffee shop, on her laptop, surrounded by people is no foreign atmosphere to her. She said she feels right at home here!

Be sure to check out her music online through her site here as well as her Instagram page here.

She will be performing LIVE at Mozart’s again on September 28th. A night you don’t want to miss!

Morgan — thank you for blessing us with your talents and entertaining us while we sip our coffee. We hope to continue this relationship for a long time.

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Mozart’s by Day, Superstar by Night: Emily D

Meet Emily DiFranco! From shift supervisor to night manager — Emily is always helping out around our places any way she can. She is a basically our local Austin music hero in the coffee realm.

TC Superstar local Austin music

Emily has been working at Mozart’s for 3 years now. She helps lead our team, sling drinks behind the bar, make the bake case look beautiful, and trains employees.

We just walked up to the bar and asked her what she is drinking right this second. Her answer? An Iced Oat Milk Latte with Honey — YUM! Her go to savory item is always the classic garlic bagel, but when Emily is in the mood for something sweet, she picks up a Snickerdoodle cookie.

Emily is such an asset to the Mozart’s team, but that’s not all she is an asset to. Sometimes she hits the road for months at a time! Not just for fun, but because she has a key role in the up and coming Austin band, TC Superstar.

As choreographer and dancer, Emily spends most of her time outside of Mozart’s practicing with the band, preparing dance routines for their latest hits, and traveling on tour to perform all over the United States.

If you haven’t heard of TC Superstar, you should absolutely look them up. There is truly nothing like them!

From their Facebook bio, this is what they say about themselves. “TC Superstar is a collaborative performance group fronted by Connor McCampbell. McCampbell’s production style is rooted in modern bedroom pop, but alludes to 80’s synthwave and late 70’s dance music. TC Superstar’s live set features high-energy dance performances choreographed by LB Flett, Emily DiFranco, Francis Rodriguez, and Yuriko Roby — all graduates of the dance program at The University of Texas at Austin. Performing musicians include Julio Correa, Mitchell Webb, and Aaron Chavez. 

The band formed in September of 2017 with the release of Masc, an album about notions of masculinity. TC Superstar quickly became a staple of the Austin scene, gigging frequently around the Red River cultural arts district.”

Check them out on their Facebook page here as well as their Instagram for upcoming shows in Austin, tour dates, and more.

We are so proud of Emily and all she is doing! She will forever be part of the Mozart’s family. Oh, and we can’t forget about her adorable cat Leo.

Say hi to Emily next time you’re in and for bonus points, check out one of their shows!  

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Fall-ing In Love With Our New Fall Menu

With every season comes change, including the Mozart’s Menu! Of course, we will always have our staples items: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breakfast pastries, and more. But this Fall, we are bringing something new to our bake case. It may not feel like Fall outside just yet here in Austin, TX, but with UT starting back, football season kicking off, Fall is definitely in the air, and we are excited to introduce the new menu to you.

Eclairs may be the biggest change entering the menu this season! This is something new for us all. From your traditional fall pumpkin flavor to a sultry sweet raspberry, these eclairs are sure to catch your eye (and capture your taste buds!). They are a little larger than average and have a sweet, crunchy crust baked into the top. Did someone say delicious?!

Moving on, we’ve added a new cupcake to the line up: Hummingbird Cake! There are many theories as to why it’s called the name that it is, but the most common is that it has origins in Jamaica. These cupcakes have bananas and pineapple which are sweet and attract hummingbirds! Also, fun fact, hummingbirds are known as the bird of paradise in Jamaica. This cupcake is topped with maple cream cheese frosting.

We also have an apple gingerbread bundt cake and ginger molasses cookies to tie in Fall flavors that match super well with all of the tasty coffee and teas that are popular during this season. The chocolate hazelnut dome also ties in to the Fall flavors with the toasty hazelnut taste.

For the vegan/gluten-free folks, we’ve added new peanut butter chocolate bars that have so much flavor you’ll keep coming back for more.

Our bakery team has worked extremely hard to implement Fall flavors into delicious treats for you to enjoy, and boy did they succeed! Not only are the flavors spot on, but they interesting and whimsical decorations on desserts really encompass all that Fall will bring. We surely are Fall-ing in love with this new menu!

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Meet Mozart’s People: Colton Massey

One thing we like to do here at Mozart’s is work with our employees. We give them the flexibility to work full-time, part-time, some time, here and there — whatever works best for them. This is why, if you come often, you may see people for a season, or just on Saturdays, or for a straight year and then never again.

Colton Massey is one of those people! Between going out of town for college, having a part-time internship, or being available every day — Colton has remained a loyal Mozart’s employee for over the past 3 years.

Just look for the big pearly white smile and a Boston hat and you’ll know exactly who we are talking about. Colton greets everyone with a smile and loves to learn about each and every customer during the small interactions that take place at the register. If he’s not taking your order, he is working quickly and efficiently on the espresso bar.

We asked Colton what his favorite thing about Mozart’s is. Here’s what he said: “I love all the conversations I have with regular customers that come in the mornings. We often discuss what book they’re currently reading or we exchange book recommendations.” What you may not know, is that Colton is an avid reader/writer and is currently pursing a degree in English with the dream to be a publish author one day.

Another fun fact about Colton is that he once got everyone that worked at Mozart’s to take the Harry Potter sorting hat quiz.

Colton’s go to drink is an Iced Americano with a splash of Oat Milk paired with a lightly toasted Maple Walnut Scone.

We enjoy having Colton around whether it’s all the time or just a little. Our Mozart’s staff truly is hard-working, dedicated, and a lot of fun. Be sure to say hi next time you’re in!

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Take Mozart’s Home With You

After quite some time of dreaming and designing, we finally have the finished product of our NEW printed coffee bags!

Since the beginning of Mozart’s time, we have been roasting coffee in house. Just read back a few stories here on our site and you’ll learn the rich history of our in-house coffee roaster!

For over 25 years, people have come from all over the world to not only drink the coffee we serve by our spectacular lakeside view, but to purchase a bag of freshly roasted coffee to take back home with them. Mozart’s Coffee makes the perfect memory, the most delicious taste of Austin, and a great gift for a loved one.

Yοu’ll notice on our new bags how intricate the scenic sketch is. Not only did we stick with the Kraft look to match the traditional packaging we have been using forever, but we added a Mozart’s staple to the front to really encompass what it feels like to step foot into our world.

The tree on the front is one of the most iconic things about the Mozart’s campus! It is the center, the foundation. During the days, you will find people sitting underneath this tree writing books, starting businesses, finishing degrees, having first dates. By night you will find people sitting next to the tree listening to live music, soaking in the night air, getting engaged.

If you flip the bag over on the side, you will notice our iconic “stamp” included on the new packaging. Did you know that this “stamp” is painted on a wall down by the lake next to The Grotto? “Get More Out Of Life With Coffee!” is a part of what makes Mozart’s, Mozart’s!

Plus it’s true… you can get so much more out of life with coffee.

These bags may be hot off the press, but so is our coffee from the roaster. You can find these new bags filled with coffee starting now in store as well as online. These bags are more than just a step up in our packaging, they are a piece of our home, going to yours.

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