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Austin City Limits and Christmas Light Show

Hey ya’ll, Zach here with more fun news and info from Mozarts

First off, we would like to say a big Mozart’s welcome to all of you who are here for Austin City Limits!  If you need to get away from the sun and noise come by Mozart’s for one of our delicious shakes or smoothies. Both go great on a hot day or after seeing one of your favorite bands.

Remember guys, our Christmas light show is coming up. It’s a lot of fun and great for bringing your family, friends or loved ones. This is a video of our light show from a few years a go.

We are also going to be running our All About Christmas Lights Photo Contest presented by Mozart’s and Hula Hut soon, it’s lots of fun and you can win great prizes. Check out past winners and submissions here.

So remember everyone, stay safe this weekend and remember to make Mozart’s your hang out this weekend!!

-Zach D






Outdoor bar, new drinks and more bios!

Hey hey everyone, Zach here.  Wow, what a crazy weekend, thank you all so much for continuing to come each and every weekend and making our days! Remember, if there is a giant line you can always come to our outdoor bar. We can make you any espresso drink as well as smoothies, chai lattes and shakes. If you are looking for something less extravagant you can also get your bottomless coffee and iced tea as well.

Good news everyone, just in time for fall we have gotten in our delicious apple cider. Its perfect for those fall nights on the lake and goes great with some caramel in it! We have also recently gotten in from Teo, the scrumptious Pumpkin Pie gelato. I had the pleasure of trying some yesterday and fell in love with it.

We decided for the bios this week to highlight Andra Nickerson and Alex Swenson


Andra Olympia

Andra Nickerson
This is Andra. Andra is one our many lovely morning baristas. She is always up bright and early to make people’s mornings with her great service and her delicious lattes. Andra moved down from Olympia, Washington in October of 2012 and will be attending UT in spring to study nutrition. She has been a barista for 6 years and loves making coffee. On her days off she likes hiking, swimming, biking and going to shows. Her favorite drink to get is a tie between a dirty chai or a hazelnut cinnamon mocha. “I’m a cat loving, thrift shopping vegan”-Andra


Rock Star

Alex Swenson
Hey everyone, this is Alex! Alex is always in a good mood and will always do what it takes to make your day. He moved down here with me in March and has been working hard to put smiles on your faces ever since. Back in Washington he has 2 wonderful sisters, Rose and Sarah and his talented father, Paul. In his spare time he likes to play guitar and write music. Whether it be alone or with others, he loves playing music. He is also a former culinary student and he loves baking food. He is currently playing in a band called Team 2nd Place, you can check them out at If you ever wanna talk about music, he is your guy. Just look for the super tall guy with a red baseball cap! I am proud to say he is my best friend and a wonderful employee. Try one of his delicious Mochas!

Next week, I will continue our bios with some of the lovely tutors that have been coming to Mozart’s for years as well as a bio of another one of our lovely morning baristas, Jenna!!

Before I go I would like to introduce you to our new unofficial mascot, Callie. She is currently wearing one of our Mozart’s bandannas which you can buy at Mozart’s.




All your favorite holiday drinks are back!!

Hey everyone, Zach here with more fun news from Mozart’s!

Getting excited for the holidays?  Looking forward to those cold nights where you can sit back and enjoy a hot chocolate? Well here at Mozart’s we are working hard coming up with fun drinks for all of you to enjoy. Just in time for fall, we are debuting a bunch of delicious drinks including;

  • Pumpkin Latte
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Pumpkin Chai
  • Gingerbread Latte
  • Snickerdoodle Latte
  • Apple Cider
  • Caramel Apple Cider
  • Pumpkin Shakes
  • Caramel Apple Shakes
  • Gingerbread Shakes

We will also be bringing back some delicious new treats including mini pumpkin pies and a very delicious sounding pumpkin cheesecake.

Remember keep sending in your pictures to our Facebook so we can include them in our slideshow each week.  Next weeks theme will be pictures of the lake at sunset. Whoever has the best picture will get a shout out in our blog as well as a coffee on me. So get those pictures and send them in!



We will get back into our bios next week, so here is some more fun facts about coffee in movies and TV.

  • While filming the Hobbit movies they spent 380, 000 dollars on coffee alone.
  • In the movie Pulp Fiction, the coffee shop manager was listed in credits as “Coffee” because he was killed in movie before he could say he was coffee shop manager.
  • On the Drew Carey Show they made a beer called buzz beer which was coffee combined with beer.
  • In the animated hit show Futurama, the main character Fry drank 100 cups of coffee and it gave him super powers.
  • Quality Cafe in Los Angeles  has been featured in a bunch of movies including Million Dollar Baby, Se7en, Ghost World, Training Day and Catch Me if You Can.

That site has all the movies that have been filmed there.

We have great music every weekend so why not come down and bring your date or family? This weekend we have Josh Buckley on Friday, Jorge Palomarez on Saturday and Josh Buckley again on Sunday. Remember, you can always check out our schedule on our website.

Well that’s all for this week guys! I’ll see you next week with some more fun news and employee bios

-Zach Davis


Puppies and Coffee!

Hey everyone, Zach here with another fun blog from Mozart’s!

First off we would like to thank everyone who came out labor day weekend and chose to make Mozart’s your place to hang out. We always appreciate everyone of you and enjoy seeing you every weekend.  We have been getting new treats in lately such as the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake and our German Chocolate cake. Both are delicious with one of our delicious pumpkin spice latte and are great for a date night.

So as promised last week,  here are some of the puppy pictures I have taken around Mozart’s. I will be putting more up on our Facebook in the next few weeks.

We will end this week with some more fun facts about coffee. Next week I will continue our bios of employees with a fun bio of our lovely Sarah Grace Sweeney.

  • The first webcam was invented to monitor how much coffee was in the pot at the University of Cambridge.
  • Dorothy Jones was the first licensed coffee brewer in the United States.
  • Both American and French Revolution started off in meetings at local coffee houses.
  • Brazil produces more coffee than anywhere else

See everyone next week and have a wonderful weekend!

-Zach D.


Labor Day Weekend and Bio of me

Hey everyone, Zach here, This week I am going to give to shake things up a bit and give everyone a chance to get to know me better. Next week I am going to debut some of the dog pictures I have taken and get back to normal news from Mozart’s.

Before we get into knowing me I want to tell you about a delicious new shake we have debuted called the caramel apple shake. It’s delicious especially topped with whipped cream topped with caramel drizzle. If you are up for it, add a shot of espresso to make it extra delicious.

Labor Day is upon us everyone, why not enjoy it down on Lake Austin with a delicious Mocha Special? Also a friendly reminder to everyone on this three day weekend to drive safe and enjoy your weekend.

This is me.

My name is Zach Davis, I’m 25 and am a supervisor at Mozart’s. I help run the Facebook and website as well as this blog. I just moved down to Austin in March all the way from Seattle. I have been wanting to get down here for a while and I glad I moved.  I am a very easy going guy who is always in good mood. I love to read anything from non fiction to fantasy to comics. I also love music and going out to shows. I’m a big fan of going out to trivia nights as well as hang out at home with my brother, Morgan and our puppy. Now that I have a steady job I plan on exploring and get to know the city. I love history so I plan on checking out local museums. If you ever see me, feel free to say hey or make conversation. I’m always up for it!

alright I’ll see everyone next week with some pictures of cute dogs as well as more employee bios! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Zach D.