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SXSW is here!!!

Hey everyone, its that time of year again. SXSW is upon us!!

First off, I would like to welcome everyone who is visiting from all over. Come on down to Mozart’s, sit back, relax and enjoy one of our signature mocha specials. There are many wonderful options for it, my personal favorite is the butterscotch special. We also have our SXSW blend for sale so you can bring home a little piece of Mozart’s to your friends or family.

I am please to announce, starting this year we will have our very own unofficial SXSW showcases. They will be starting Monday and continuing till next Sunday.  I am so very excited to be putting all of this together and would love to see each and everyone of you. There is no cover for any of our shows but we encourage you all to support the artists and drink lots of coffee. Remember, there is no wristbands, press badges or tickets required here. Heck, you dont even have to wait in a super long line.

If you or someone you know is interested in performing during SXSW, please contact me through our facebook page. I am still filling spots, mainly in day time.

Bands playing range from surf rock to alternative country to post-rock garage to jazz and much more.

Sets are still being announced, so check our event page throughout the week to see the updated set list!

Saturday, March 8:
7 PM – 3D Friends
8 PM – Justin Martin

Sunday, March 9:

Monday, March 10:
7 PM – Jorge Palomarez
8 PM – Judith Miller Band
9 PM – Wildcat Apollo

Tuesday, March 11: Garage Rock Night
7 PM – Legendary Skies
8 PM – Space Battle
9 PM – Pollen

Wednesday, March 12:Indy Rock Night
6 PM – Vorcha
7 PM – Stickers
8 PM – Team 2nd Place

Thursday, March 13th: Surf Rock Night
7 PM – Jack and his Coax
8 PM – The Spoils
9 PM – Boss Jaguars
10 PM – Gallow Drifters

Friday, March 14th: Acoustic Showcase
7 PM – Christian Porter
7:30 PM – Dovetail/Philip Creamer
8 PM – D.B. Rielly
8:30 PM – Leni Stern
9 PM – Andrea Pais
9:30 PM – Jackie Venson

Saturday, March 15th: Alternative Country Night
5 PM – Paul Eddy
6 PM – Kimberly Jean
7 PM – Claire Domingue
8 PM – Ricky Stein
9 PM – I Am The Albatross

Remember everyone, SXSW gets a little crazy downtown with everyone coming from all over.On behalf of myself and everyone at Mozart’s,  please be safe and have a wonderful SXSW. Hope to see everyone at Mozart’s!

-Zach D.



Back from the Holidays

Hey everyone, how was your holidays? On behalf of everyone at Mozart’s, I would like to say happy new year!

First off, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for making Mozart’s your go to holiday spot. We hope to see all of you next year! Seeing the joy that the light show brought all of you brought joy to us.  I went and found a few light show pictures that I would like to share with all of you. Remember, if you have any great pictures that you got during show, share them at our website so we can add them to slide show.

Full Deck

Full Deck

Light Show 1Light Show 2Light Show 3

We are looking to make Mozart’s a happening spot during SXSW. We will be doing different showcases and hopefully some art shows. Keep posted for more news when it comes up.  If you are in band, play an instrument,or maybe you just sing, send us a message on our facebook.  We can try to get you a show during here at Mozart’s during SXSW.

Before I go, I have one last bit of good news. Starting next week, my good friend and fellow co-worker at Mozart’s; Jenna will be writing the blog every other week. It will be a nice and refreshing change with a new take on things.

Thank you all for reading and see you in two weeks



All your favorite holiday drinks are back!!

Hey everyone, Zach here with more fun news from Mozart’s!

Getting excited for the holidays?  Looking forward to those cold nights where you can sit back and enjoy a hot chocolate? Well here at Mozart’s we are working hard coming up with fun drinks for all of you to enjoy. Just in time for fall, we are debuting a bunch of delicious drinks including;

  • Pumpkin Latte
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Pumpkin Chai
  • Gingerbread Latte
  • Snickerdoodle Latte
  • Apple Cider
  • Caramel Apple Cider
  • Pumpkin Shakes
  • Caramel Apple Shakes
  • Gingerbread Shakes

We will also be bringing back some delicious new treats including mini pumpkin pies and a very delicious sounding pumpkin cheesecake.

Remember keep sending in your pictures to our Facebook so we can include them in our slideshow each week.  Next weeks theme will be pictures of the lake at sunset. Whoever has the best picture will get a shout out in our blog as well as a coffee on me. So get those pictures and send them in!



We will get back into our bios next week, so here is some more fun facts about coffee in movies and TV.

  • While filming the Hobbit movies they spent 380, 000 dollars on coffee alone.
  • In the movie Pulp Fiction, the coffee shop manager was listed in credits as “Coffee” because he was killed in movie before he could say he was coffee shop manager.
  • On the Drew Carey Show they made a beer called buzz beer which was coffee combined with beer.
  • In the animated hit show Futurama, the main character Fry drank 100 cups of coffee and it gave him super powers.
  • Quality Cafe in Los Angeles  has been featured in a bunch of movies including Million Dollar Baby, Se7en, Ghost World, Training Day and Catch Me if You Can.

That site has all the movies that have been filmed there.

We have great music every weekend so why not come down and bring your date or family? This weekend we have Josh Buckley on Friday, Jorge Palomarez on Saturday and Josh Buckley again on Sunday. Remember, you can always check out our schedule on our website.

Well that’s all for this week guys! I’ll see you next week with some more fun news and employee bios

-Zach Davis


20th Anniversary Espresso Shots

Hey everyone, Zach here. Hope everyone is having a nice August, did anyone get a chance to check out the meteor shower the other night? It was beautiful, I got to see nine myself.

To start off this week we are debuting a new shake straight from Mozart’s drink master Cameron. It’s our fruits of the forest gelato shake, completely vegan and gluten free. So if you are looking for something healthy and dairy free this is for you.  Not in the mood for a fruity drink? Try our dirty chai shake,  it’s a chai shake with an added shot of espresso in it. It’s delicious, I had one the other day.

In other news starting on August 20th we will be giving away free espresso shots! It will only be on the 20th of each month until end of year so come on down and celebrate our anniversary with us!

We’ve now read about Maria and Eric, now it’s time to learn about the wonderful Cameron.

This is Cameron Thomas. He is our fearless leader and latte art master. He has lived in Austin for about 3 years from Garland.  He moved down here with his younger brother, Reagan. He is a national and state high school champion football player and also used to play ice hockey. He has been learning how to roast coffee and enjoys trying out new brew methods and is a big fan of history including Byzantine, Sun Tzu, Ancient Warfare and Roman Catholicism . He is a great person to be around and is always up for a conversation. If you see him when you are at Mozart’s say hi and ask him to do one of his famous lattes with art.

Now some more fun facts about coffee

  • In 1675, coffee houses were banned in England because the king thought thats where they conspired against him.
  • Coffee trees can be up to 30 feet tall.
  • Coffee is 2nd most traded commodity in world.
  • American G.I’s came up with Americano cause they diluted the too strong espresso with hot water.
  • Light roasted coffee is actually more caffeinated than dark roast.
  • Over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed a day.

Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you next week with a bio with Reagan, Cameron’s younger brother and fellow Mozart’s employee.



Tumblers, Trivia and Puppies!

Hey guys, Zach Davis here with more news from Mozarts!!

We just got a bunch of bright and colorful new tumblers and travel mugs. They come in blue, red, pink, black and are great to enjoy your coffee or iced tea on the go! Plus they make a great gift for that coffee lover in your life.

We have begun to sell more healthier options  such as our World Peas and Fiona’s  Jungle Blend Trail Mix. World Peas is a healthy delicious snack with flavors like ranch, bbq, chili and garlic. Trust me, they are super tasty. I have not been able to put them down. My personal favorite is the ranch. Remember when it comes to world peas, visualize. Fiona’s trail mix is a gluten, salt, soy and dairy tasty snack. It comes in two different flavors; Jungle Mix and Mountain Mix

Along with our Puppy Contest that I have started, we are also gonna start doing trivia questions on our Facebook page located here. You can win prizes of our new travel mugs or tumblers. It will run once a week and first person to answer the question correctly will win!! A note on the puppy contest if I cant get a picture of your adorable puppy and would like to be in contest, share it on the Facebook page along with the name of your puppy. One of the prizes for cutest dog will get to be on our slideshow and be on our website for a week.

We will also be promoting new items on our Facebook page. I don’t know if you saw but we debuted a Jones Soda Float, which is any flavor of Jones Soda with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for sitting by lake and enjoying your summer. So remember, keep checking the page for new deals  pictures of cute puppies and a new trivia question each week.

Last but not least starting this week we will be doing a short bio for all of  our lovely employees starting with the always happy Maria. Maria has been working here for 13 years, she is a very hard worker. It’s rare to see Maria without that lovely smile on her face, she is like a mom to all of us. Her hobbies when not working include being an awesome mom and playing with her kids. She says “she loves everyone here because everyone is nice to her and her family”.  Everyone at Mozart’s loves working with her and she always brightens everyone’s days with that smile.

Alright,  hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya next week!!

-Zach Davis