20th Anniversary Espresso Shots

Hey everyone, Zach here. Hope everyone is having a nice August, did anyone get a chance to check out the meteor shower the other night? It was beautiful, I got to see nine myself.

To start off this week we are debuting a new shake straight from Mozart’s drink master Cameron. It’s our fruits of the forest gelato shake, completely vegan and gluten free. So if you are looking for something healthy and dairy free this is for you.  Not in the mood for a fruity drink? Try our dirty chai shake,  it’s a chai shake with an added shot of espresso in it. It’s delicious, I had one the other day.

In other news starting on August 20th we will be giving away free espresso shots! It will only be on the 20th of each month until end of year so come on down and celebrate our anniversary with us!

We’ve now read about Maria and Eric, now it’s time to learn about the wonderful Cameron.

This is Cameron Thomas. He is our fearless leader and latte art master. He has lived in Austin for about 3 years from Garland.  He moved down here with his younger brother, Reagan. He is a national and state high school champion football player and also used to play ice hockey. He has been learning how to roast coffee and enjoys trying out new brew methods and is a big fan of history including Byzantine, Sun Tzu, Ancient Warfare and Roman Catholicism . He is a great person to be around and is always up for a conversation. If you see him when you are at Mozart’s say hi and ask him to do one of his famous lattes with art.

Now some more fun facts about coffee

  • In 1675, coffee houses were banned in England because the king thought thats where they conspired against him.
  • Coffee trees can be up to 30 feet tall.
  • Coffee is 2nd most traded commodity in world.
  • American G.I’s came up with Americano cause they diluted the too strong espresso with hot water.
  • Light roasted coffee is actually more caffeinated than dark roast.
  • Over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed a day.

Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you next week with a bio with Reagan, Cameron’s younger brother and fellow Mozart’s employee.



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