Tumblers, Trivia and Puppies!

Hey guys, Zach Davis here with more news from Mozarts!!

We just got a bunch of bright and colorful new tumblers and travel mugs. They come in blue, red, pink, black and are great to enjoy your coffee or iced tea on the go! Plus they make a great gift for that coffee lover in your life.

We have begun to sell more healthier options  such as our World Peas and Fiona’s  Jungle Blend Trail Mix. World Peas is a healthy delicious snack with flavors like ranch, bbq, chili and garlic. Trust me, they are super tasty. I have not been able to put them down. My personal favorite is the ranch. Remember when it comes to world peas, visualize. Fiona’s trail mix is a gluten, salt, soy and dairy tasty snack. It comes in two different flavors; Jungle Mix and Mountain Mix

Along with our Puppy Contest that I have started, we are also gonna start doing trivia questions on our Facebook page located here. https://www.facebook.com/MozartsCoffeeRoasters. You can win prizes of our new travel mugs or tumblers. It will run once a week and first person to answer the question correctly will win!! A note on the puppy contest if I cant get a picture of your adorable puppy and would like to be in contest, share it on the Facebook page along with the name of your puppy. One of the prizes for cutest dog will get to be on our slideshow and be on our website for a week.

We will also be promoting new items on our Facebook page. I don’t know if you saw but we debuted a Jones Soda Float, which is any flavor of Jones Soda with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for sitting by lake and enjoying your summer. So remember, keep checking the page for new deals  pictures of cute puppies and a new trivia question each week.

Last but not least starting this week we will be doing a short bio for all of  our lovely employees starting with the always happy Maria. Maria has been working here for 13 years, she is a very hard worker. It’s rare to see Maria without that lovely smile on her face, she is like a mom to all of us. Her hobbies when not working include being an awesome mom and playing with her kids. She says “she loves everyone here because everyone is nice to her and her family”.  Everyone at Mozart’s loves working with her and she always brightens everyone’s days with that smile.

Alright,  hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya next week!!

-Zach Davis


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