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Austin coffee shop, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is a leading upscale roaster and brand of specialty coffee in Austin, Texas. For over fifteen years, we’ve roasted the "finest coffees of the world" at our cafe location on Lake Austin, Texas. With roasted coffees diminishing in flavor just days after roasting, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters stands apart with its on-premise roasting assuring patrons the highest degree of freshness, flavor and quality. Relax in our tranquil setting of timeless, rare beauty with friends from far and wide. Mozart’s incomparable beauty and the very best specialty beverages, famous cheesecakes, desserts and pastries by the Mozart’s bakery translate into a must-see spot in Austin, Texas. On any given morning, afternoon or evening you can find tourists and locals of all ages enjoying a peaceful refuge with their favorite flavor and aroma of a superb cup of Mozart’s coffee.
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